Nursery Essentials To Transition from Baby to Toddler

Sep 9, 2022by Dana Dantoni

Designing a nursery takes a lot of time and money. There are probably so many thoughts running through your head, wanting to make sure that the space you create for your newborn is nothing but perfect. So, you might be wondering what essential pieces you must include in your baby's nursery -- and what can you invest in that can be used in the room as your baby grows? Here are some nursery decor essentials that you can continue to use in your toddler room and beyond.

Unicorn Heart Nursery Decor Collection by Lush Decor Baby

Pillows and Blankets

The main thought when designing a nursery is typically what theme you will want to use when designing the room. Will you want to create a classic pink, nautical, jungle, unicorn, or modern themed nursery? Whatever style or theme you have in mind, think of designing with items that can be transitional as your newborn grows.

You can select pillows for your nursing chair, baby blankets, and larger throw blankets that are neutral to your home décor. Your pillow on your nursing chair can be recycled elsewhere in your home when it is no longer needed in your baby's nursery. Add it on their toddler bed, your sofa in the living room, or on a guest bed!

Investing in a soft and cozy baby blanket can ride along with your baby to their toddler years. And don't forget a cozy throw in the room for yourself to keep as a sentimental piece and for the days where you can snuggle up on the couch with your child. A large enough blanket is also great for playtime as your baby grows. Once they start crawling, they will be spending plenty of time on the floor and a nice big blanket can provide extra comfort. 

woman sitting with throw blanket


Another great piece that can transition in your baby's room is a rug. A large rug can provide comfort and can dress up your nursery. It's also perfect for playtime and if you select a color that complements your home, it can be used elsewhere later on!

nursery room

Art and Wall Décor 

When choosing wall art and décor, picture frames are a great option. It's a way to capture the beauty of being a new mom, as well as the growth of your baby. Even better, they will hold photos that you will keep forever. You can move these picture frames anywhere in your home throughout time.

In terms of art pieces to match the theme of your nursery, think of designs that can also transition to your baby's toddler room in the future and then his or her first big kid bedroom or playroom.

mother holding baby in nursery room


Invest in shelving that is perfect for storage and décor. Fill up these shelves in the early days with pictures, little decorations, or storage products like diapers, powder, lotion, wipes, etc. Once you move into the toddler years and beyond, these shelves can be filled with toys, clothes, knickknacks and more instead!

baby sleeping in crib

Designing a nursery is exciting, fun, and stressful all at the same time! There are plenty of ways to include pieces in your newborn's room that can transition with them as they grow or transition to different places in your home! So now it's time to relax and take in all the joys of being a new mom or dad!

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