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5 Rainy Day Activities to Enjoy With Your Infant

Feb 9, 2024by Kimberly Foerst

Keeping your infant entertained and engaged indoors can be challenging when it’s pouring outside. Parents want to ensure their little ones are safe and stimulated on those drizzly days.

You no longer have to worry about restless fidgeting or those inevitable cries. Here are some rainy-day activity ideas that will leave your baby all smiles and giggles.

Indoor Obstacle Course for Babies

Indoor Baby-Friendly Obstacle Course

On a rainy day, one of the best ways to keep your infant engaged is by creating a fun and safe indoor obstacle course. Constructing this mini-adventure will entertain your little one and promote their physical and cognitive development.

To set up your baby-friendly obstacle course, you'll need soft cushions, blankets and a selection of toys. Spread the pillows on the floor, creating soft landings for your baby to explore. Ensure the play area is free of potential hazards.

Place a few toys at various points within the course. These can be soft plush toys, colorful blocks or other baby-safe objects.

The idea is to encourage your baby to crawl, roll or reach for the toys, promoting their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Also, having a collection of oversized plush toys benefits your baby. They will enjoy spending time with their big, cuddly animals, which can contribute to their language development as they grow.

Supervision is essential during this activity to ensure your baby's safety. While they explore the mini-course, you can offer guidance and encourage them with a friendly, reassuring tone.

Remember to baby-proof the area, securing any sharp objects or electrical outlets within reach. This obstacle course can turn a rainy day into a fantastic adventure for your little one.

Sensory Playtime

Sensory Playtime

Sensory play is a fantastic way to stimulate your infant's developing senses while providing hours of entertainment. It offers a rich learning experience for your baby by engaging their senses of touch, sight and hearing.

On a rainy day, create a sensory wonderland for your baby right at home. Here are some simple ideas:

Water play: Fill a shallow container with warm water and let your baby splash and explore in a controlled environment. You can add floating toys or colorful cups to make it even more exciting. Always be attentive to your baby during water play, and never leave them unattended.

Rice bin: Fill a plastic container with uncooked rice and hide baby-safe objects like small toys or textured items. Let your baby dig their hands into the rice to discover hidden treasures. Ensure they don't put the rice in their mouth as it's not edible.

Playdough exploration: Consider introducing older infants to homemade or store-bought playdough. Allow your baby to squish, squeeze and shape it to enhance their tactile senses. Be sure to choose nontoxic, baby-safe playdough.


Interactive Playmat Time

Interactive playmats are excellent tools for engaging your infant's senses and encouraging exploration. Here's how to make the most of them on a rainy day:

Age-appropriate playmats: Select a playmat designed for infants with colorful patterns, textures, and interactive features like lights and sounds. Ensure it's safe and free from small parts that could be a choking hazard.

Tummy time and exploration: Lay your baby on the playmat during tummy time or while they are on their back. Encourage them to reach for hanging toys, press buttons that trigger sounds or explore different textures on the mat. Ensure a safe and smooth surface for your baby to explore by hiring a professional every 10 to 15 years to sand and refinish your reclaimed wood floors. This reduces potential tripping hazards.

Toy rotation: Keep things fresh and exciting by occasionally switching out the toys on the playmat. This way, your baby can discover new sensory experiences and maintain their interest.

DIY Art Projects for Babies

DIY Art Projects

Introducing your infant to the art world is entertaining and beneficial for their development. Engaging in various projects encourages creativity and fine motor skills in your infant.

Ensure the art supplies you use are safe and age-appropriate. Here are some baby-friendly art projects that you can enjoy together on a rainy day:

Finger painting: Use nontoxic, washable finger paints to allow your baby to explore color and texture. Spread a large sheet of paper on the floor or table and let your baby create their masterpieces with their fingers. Supervise closely to ensure they don't put paint in their mouth.

Footprint art: Dipping your baby's foot in washable paint and gently pressing it onto paper can create adorable footprint art. You can turn these into cute keepsakes or decorate the nursery.

Sensory bags: Create sensory bags by filling zip-lock bags with colorful liquids, such as water mixed with food coloring or hair gel, and sealing them tightly. Secure them to a window or place them on a table for your baby to squish and observe without any mess. Always supervise your baby while playing with sensory bags to avoid potential leaks.

Storytime with Your Baby

Storytime and Baby Rhymes

Sharing the joy of reading and music with your infant is a delightful way to spend a rainy day. It can instill a love for these activities from an early age, promoting language development and creativity. Here's how you can make it engaging and educational:

Picture books: Choose colorful board books with large, simple pictures. Sit with your baby and point out the images, describing them cheerfully. Reading together introduces your infant to language and strengthens your bond.

Nursery rhymes: Singing nursery rhymes to your baby can be soothing and enjoyable. Classic rhymes like "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" or "Wheels on the Bus" can capture your baby's attention with their catchy tunes and repetitive lyrics.

Interactive books: Look for touch-and-feel books or lift-the-flap books designed for infants. These books provide sensory experiences and keep your little one engaged.

Dance moves: Hold your baby securely and sway, bounce or gently twirl to the music. Your baby's eyes will light up as they experience the rhythm and movement.

Musical instruments: If you have baby-safe musical instruments like maracas or tambourines, introduce them during the dance party. Let your baby explore the sounds they can create.

Rainy Days With Your Little One

The next time the rain pours outside, don't fret. Instead, embrace the opportunity to make beautiful memories with your infant.

These activities will chase away boredom and create a world of wonder and exploration for your little one. Enjoy the drizzly days and cherish the time spent with your precious baby.

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