The 4 P's of Incorporating Color to Revitalize Your Home with Kate Dawson

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The use of color can amplify the ambiance of any room. Whether you’re going for a relaxing oasis or a lively hangout spot, color is the key that unlocks endless possibilities.

We talked with interior designer and Home Stylist Collective member Kate Dawson, on how to use color to revitalize your living room. Here are the tips she shared on how to use color in your space!

Using Color

The 4 P’s of Transforming Your Living Room with Color

PAINT: A Dramatic Makeover Tool

The first step in your color journey? Paint. “Nothing can transform a space as quickly or as dramatically (without renovating) as a new coat of paint,” Dawson shared. A simple shade change can set the entire mood, offering either a soothing calm or a burst of energy.

PILLOWS: Infuse Personality with Pops of Color

Next up are the often-underestimated heroes of decor - pillows. The right pillow in a striking color or pattern can be a game-changer, adding zest and cohesiveness to your living room.

Colorful Pillows

PICTURES: Showcase Your Style

Artwork and pictures offer a unique chance to infuse personal stories and tastes into a room. “Adding colorful pictures/artwork instantly tells a story about the homeowner,” Dawson emphasizes. Whether it's a vibrant portrait or a muted landscape, the colors you select play a pivotal role in setting the room's tone.

PLANTS: Natural Hues and Lush Greens

Lastly, the organic appeal of plants, real or faux, introduces a refreshing palette. Dawson highlights that “Plants are a fantastic way to play with scale, levels, and volume!” By strategically placing a plant, you can also introduce subtle green hues or make a bold statement with vibrant floral colors.

Incorporating color doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. As Dawson shared, “With the 4 P’s it’s easy to add color at an affordable price, which instantly punches up personality and style.” Embracing color allows us to make our space a true reflection of our personalities and tastes, which is what home decorating is all about!


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