Summertime Entertaining: 5 Tips for Decorating Your Deck or Patio

3 comments Jun 28, 2017by Kimberly Foerst
Summer is here and every weekend is an opportunity to host family and friends at your home for a barbecue or picnic. Now’s the time to make sure your outdoor living spaces look great and are comfortable for your guests.
Here are five tips for decorating outdoors this summer:
1. Make sure everything is waterproof – Rather than having to bring everything inside every time there is a threat of rain, choose water proof fabrics for your outdoor furniture, curtains, pillows and other outdoor décor.

3 Pineapples Outdoor Pillow by Lush Decor

2. Choose rust-resistant metallics – Again, you want to be able to leave your outdoor décor outside and uncovered. Tables, chairs, accents and even the grommets on your curtains should be rust-resistant to hold up to the elements.
3. Keep it clean – When you leave something outside, it’s not just the threat of rain you have to worry about. High wind can leave fallen sticks and leaves. Birds might leave their droppings. Take pride in your outdoor entertaining areas and make sure they are clean and ready for your guests.

Patio Party

4. Make it look inviting – Your living room is where everyone goes to congregate. Think of your outdoor space as your backyard’s living room. Comfortable seating and beautiful decorative pillows make people want to sit, chat and stick around for a while.
5. Give your space a theme – Whether you prefer the look of a tropical paradise, a coastal vibe, modern style, black and white or bohemian, choosing a single theme for your outdoor décor will pull it all together. But don’t be afraid to get creative and mix in some patterns and colors. If your accent pieces stay on theme, your space will maintain a consistent and complete look.
When it comes to summertime entertainment, has everything you need to make your outdoor space look beautiful and inviting. Shop online now for window treatments, pillows and more!


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