Guest Blog: Update Your Home Office With These Simple Decorating Tips

1 comment Oct 3, 2018by Jenny Zhu
For those of us working full time, it’s easy to underestimate just how many waking hours we’ll be spending at our desks or in front of our computers. If that environment is bland and boring, it can make the working day that much more tiring.

boring work station

That’s why it’s a good idea to add a splash of personality to your office space that’ll help you keep morale at a maximum and help the work day go by faster. With the amount of time spent at our workstation, it’s only natural to want a space that’ll click with us.
Add a Little Color
Now, you don’t have to redesign your space from the ground up, but there are some areas where you get a lot back for what you put in. Start off by investing in colourful accents and some signature items to add a sense of vibrancy to your decorations.

artwork in office space

A new wallpaper can give you an opportunity to get creative and set the right tone for your job. If you find your workstation to be slightly on the claustrophobic side, add some artwork and green colours to bring an outdoorsy vibe to the space to help bring some relief when you’re getting through a long shift and help keep the inspiration flowing.
Stay Organised
Little touches can make a big difference to your thinking patterns and work rate in the long run. Make sure you scrap any clutter in your immediate space and only keep the most essential work-related items close to hand. Organise your the contents of your drawers by what tasks they’re required for to ensure you don’t waste time scrambling for the work tools you need.

Organized home office

The aim here is to keep the path as clear as possible to you effectively being able to carry out your work uninhibited. Once you’ve got your space organised, begin looking at adding colour to proceedings. Neutral tones should form the foundation of your colour scheme, which you can then augment with more striking shades along the pin boards or borders that you can play around with and swap out every now and again.
Play Around with Details
There’s nothing to stop you creating your own art and designs to supply yourself with office decoration. Put pen to paper and come up with some ideas for designs and sketches you can draw on sticky note, or try coming up with some calligraphic mottoes or quotes.

Home Office with plant

There’s nothing wrong with letting your inner doodler flow to get you in a creative mood for the working day. Round things off with a soft rug placed under the office chair: the softness can help you unwind from professional stresses, and is one of the many ways you can keep yourself pampered in the office. There are also lots of little tips and tricks you can use to bring the most out of a space by adding or changing some seemingly small things to great effect:

Colorful work station

 >Plants: Try adding some low maintenance plants like cacti to your office space, as studies have found that greenery can help improve your mood.
 >Lamps: Try swapping out your standard desk lamp for something a little more stylish. Use halogen bulbs to get better color rendering too.
 >Books: If you’re a reader, add some books to the space. Even if you can only read the odd chapter on your lunch break, it’s comforting to be surrounded by your favourite titles.
 >Personalized Mugs: Make your home office feel more homey by bringing in some of your favourite mugs.
 >Photos: Keep your spirits up with photographs of your favourite memories spread around your workstation. Friends, family, pets and travel photos are all good mood lifters and help remind you about what’s important while you work.

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  • June 14, 2021 at 2:10 pm
    At first, I was really hesitant with putting bold colors or accents in my office space as I was scared that it might affect my productivity and I was really inclined towards neutral colors.. Realized it could actually help and add personality to your space just as how it was pointed out here. I love these tips!

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