Guest Blog: Tips and Tricks to Make Your Room Look More Modern

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So you want a new feel for your favourite space? You know it must be some sort of modern, cosy atmosphere that has an inviting appeal -- one your friends would definitely find attractive. But just how to go about changing the entire look of your room seems to appear like some thick fog – where do you start?

Modern Bedding for bedroom

That’s the thing about decorations. You might have a picture of what you want in mind, yet you lack the exact steps on how to bring this picture to reality. But then, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream room.
That said, we have compiled some tips and tricks you would find useful when it comes to transforming your room from its dull feel, to a modern, cosy one.
Use Bright and Neutral Colors
Never underestimate the power of colours when it comes to changing how a place looks. In the world of modern bedrooms, bright colours are predominant with neutral colours right behind them. Pastels, fresh pinks, baby blues, and mint green are brilliant choices for a modern look in your bedroom. The neutrals are also quite helpful- white, grey, black, brown or beige walls contrasting with pastel bed lines, with two different purple pillows.
Modern bedrooms are also big- or they appear to be so. Either way, bright colours do more than giving your room a modern feel, it also makes your room appear bigger- which in itself is a modern room feature. If you are looking for a way to get your room to appear larger, adding one or two mirrors is a great idea.

modern lighting for bedroom

Lighting is also Essential
Modern rooms are also characterized by a lot of natural light. You need to find a way to lure the sun into your personal space.
When you allow light to come in, you create a connection between the inside of your home and the outside world; expanding your space to create a feel of a large, bright room. Open the curtains or opt for sheers, and you will be surprised at how this small addition can make a great difference.
You might wonder: wouldn’t the difference be quite much when the sun goes down? Yes, of course. But, you can also change that. For instance, lamps mounted on headboards with concealed lighting creates such a cosy ambience.   

Farmhouse Seersucker Comforter Set by Lush Decor

Keep Things Simple, But Specific
What are the things that you really need in your room? A bed, dresser and …? Modern bedrooms are quite unique in the sense that they are quite spacious -- not because the room is necessarily large, but because the unnecessary items have been removed.  
This doesn’t mean you must embrace minimalism to enjoy a stylish, modern bedroom; but, putting aside the clutter helps brings out the true artistic nature of the other items in the room. Think of it this way: Get your room free of the numerous small accessories, and focus on bringing in large items that would offer a significant presence in your room.
Make your Bed a Little More Stylish
This is one of the actions that would have a significant impact on making your room look modern. What’s more is that if you are on a tight budget, this is the way to go. You may be surprised but styling your bed won’t break your bank.
There are several options on how to style your bed but a common one in the world of modern design is the use of bright colours. Remember to create a mix between the colours so as to not to create a chaotic ambience. Also, this could be a great way to embrace the beauty of natural wood when combined with a bed.

modern wallpaper on feature wall

Consider Feature Walls
Here’s the twist: if you are planning on painting every wall in your room, don’t. Instead, get a feature wall. With feature walls, you are able to experiment with textures and shapes. They are also referred to as accent walls and they offer a great option of invigorating a space. A subtle pattern is enough to inject your room with such amount in interest enough to get friends staring on and on without eating up the entire space.
When picking feature walls, there are certain things you should keep at the back of your head. For instance, you should choose a colour that complements the rest of the room. If you want to go for bold colours, would it fit into the room? If you feel your room has enough brightness, bring in neutral colours.
Also, do not just pick any wall. Your feature wall should be used to highlight the room’s existing focal point- behind the TV or headboard of your bed, for instance. If your room is quite small, do not use a feature wall, as it would make it appear smaller.
A feature wall fits best into a modern room because it is not crowded with lot of items. When there’s too much going on in your room space, it is difficult for the eye to rest. If you are not ready to make your room clear, do not try a feature wall. It would just defeat the purpose.
Add some Natural Materials
Nothing is more impressive than a sight of natural materials in your room. A greener, cleaner room; with a spray of wood, water, plants, and flowers are all stunning ideas that add enough warmth into your room without being too fuzzy.
Finish by Adding Cosy Textiles
You shouldn’t forget the main purpose of a bedroom -- comfort, and luxury. And that’s exactly what cosy textiles offer. With these luxury materials, you are sure you aren’t negating comfort in order to get a modern look into your bedroom.

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