Guest Blog: Finding The Right Interior Doors For Your Home

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Finding the right internal doors for your home can be a lengthy task if you do not know what you are looking for. As your interior doors can be a great addition to your interior design or they can fail to complement the rest of your scheme if you make the wrong decision. So, to help you pick out the perfect internal doors, we have put a guide together.
Think About The Flow of Your Interior Design

interior design flow to match doors

When it comes to finding new internal doors for your home the first thing you should consider is the flow of your interior design. This is an essential aspect to consider as you want your rooms to be consistent in style. So, you need to make sure that the interior doors which you purchase are adding to your design not disrupting it. If your room is based on one color scheme you should opt for doors that match or blend in with these colors. You may think about purchasing oak doors if you already have elements of oak or wood within your property. So here you should go for oak colors that complement each other and go well together. When considering internal doors for your home it is all about coordination so make sure that your doors match your current design features.
Picking Out a Suitable Door Style

different door styles

Another element that should be high on your priority list is picking out a suitable door style. You should initially think about a door which will work well with both the style of your interior, furniture and other features such as flooring. If you live in a more modern property, a contemporary door style will be more suitable here such as Mexicano doors or 5-panel shaker doors. If you have a more traditional or cottage property, styles such as Victorian doors or barn doors will be more fitting.  Some door styles may work well in both newer and older properties such as panel doors as they have more depth and detail to suit modern and classic looks.
Pre-Finished or Unfinished Doors?
Choosing between pre-finished and unfinished doors is another decision that you will need to make when finding the right internal doors for your home. The two names are self-explanatory, with pre-finished doors and unfinished doors having their own benefits. It is only doors made from wood in which you will need to make this decision. However, due to the popularity of oak and timber doors, it is an important aspect to consider as these doors require a finish to maintain the material and their appearance. If you have more time on your hands, unfinished doors allow you to apply your desired finish to your door. Although this is time-consuming it can be more rewarding as you can ensure that your door appears the way you want it to. Whereas with pre-finished doors you will be paying a slightly higher price. Even though this is the case, your door is already finished so you will just be left with picking your hardware before installation.
Choosing Your Door Hardware

door hardware

The final step before fitting your new internal doors is choosing your door hardware. When it comes to door furniture there are a wide variety of options out there. Similar to the choice for your door style, your hardware should match the design of your door. So, if you have a modern door you should go for contemporary hardware such as door levers as they are more aesthetically pleasing. In comparison with more traditional door designs such as Victorian doors, door knobs will be a better option as a classic door hardware feature. For those with barn style doors or cottage doors, ironmongery is the perfect addition to your doors. With these thicker doors, your options are more limited, however, ironmongery is ideal if you are trying to achieve a cottage style effect at your property. You will also need to think about hinges and locks & bolts here. Hinges and locks should follow the same design as your door handles, so you maintain a consistent style. So, if you have chosen chrome door handles, you should finish your door with chrome hinges to keep the flow of your doors.
Installing Your Internal Doors
You have now made all of the difficult decisions and your door is ready to be installed at your property. Installing your door is a task that you can do yourself if you are feeling up to a DIY challenge. But we know some of you have less time on your hands, so you also have the option to book an expert to fit your doors for you. If you are going ahead with fitting the door yourself, you will first need to size up your door against the frame so you can mark the door to trim to the correct size. After trimming any excess wood and sanding your door down, you should ensure that the door is not sticking so you will be able to open and close it. After completing these steps, you will just need to mark the hinge positions on your door. Once you are happy with the hinge positions begin with adding one screw per hinge to fix your hinges to the door and your door frame. You should now check whether the door opens and closes smoothly before applying the rest of the screws to your hinges. Your new doors will then ready to be fully appreciated in your property!
Finding the right internal doors for your home can have an excellent effect on your interior design, so follow this guide when you are on the search for new interior doors.

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