Christmas Tree Decorating Tips From Angela @downsouthstreet

Nov 16, 2022by Dana Dantoni

The holiday season is here! Now is the time to start getting all your holiday decorations and planning where to put your amazing Christmas tree. Your Christmas tree is the star of your holiday décor. You might be struggling with planning what style, theme, and colors to feature on your tree.

Angela (@downsouthstreet on Instagram) is part of our Home Stylist Collective and is amazingly talented with all DIY projects. Her trees on Instagram look extravagant and wonderful, so we reached out to her to ask, “What are some Christmas tree decorating tips you recommend to those who don’t know where to start?” Here is what she had to say...

First of all, Angela wants to remind you that “there is no wrong or right way to decorate a tree. Everyone has their certain style and touch!” So if your tree represents you and your style, that's what is most important.

Faux Trees

Christmas Decor

One thing that Angela really likes to do is decorate with faux trees (scroll through her Instagram page and you'll notice she has many!), and that is not just because she is allergic to real trees! She says that faux trees are easier to work with. Plus, you don’t have to worry about all the pine needles falling out while you decorate the tree. As added bonuses, you'll never have to worry about forgetting to water the tree, and they typically break down for easy storage.

Wired Tulle

Christmas Decor

Angela mentions how when “decorating a faux tree, chances are you can see the inside stem, so add some wired tulle to camouflage.” This will hide those stems! “Fold the tulle over a few times and then stuff it in where there are a lot of gaps.” This will also help your tree look fuller and more beautiful.


Fa La La La La Decorative Pillow

Another trick that Angela likes to use when decorating her Christmas trees is adding florals. “My favorite is poinsettias, but you can literally add any florals that you have!” You can even paint them to match your color scheme, which you can see in the photo above.


Christmas Decor

Another great tip Angela mentioned was to have a theme to your Christmas tree! Some timeless color themes Angela provided are:
  • Red, Silver & White
  • Silver & Gold
  • Rose Gold, Brown & Gold

Ornament Hooks

When hanging ornaments, be sure to grab shorter hooks. Angela mentions how using shorter hooks on your ornaments is great because then they “don’t hang too low so you see the ugly wire.”

Christmas tree design by Angela


A major tip Angela suggests is that when you're adding lights to your Christmas tree, “ALWAYS plug it in when adding to the tree, this way it lights the way and shows all the dark areas that need light.”

We hope this has inspired your inner designer and you now feel ready to decorate your Christmas tree for this holiday season with Angela’s amazing tips! Be sure to share and tag us both on Instagram (@lushdecorhome and @downsouthstreet) so we can see your Christmas tree!

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