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Spring Clean Up and Decluttering

Apr 27, 2022by Guest Blogger

Not everyone lives in a mega-mansion with all the space they need. But even if you're not part of the mega-rich, you still probably have plenty of items. Limited space can make it challenging for you to organize. That said, we have listed ten ways you can manage your stuff in a small space.

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Declutter One Area at Time

When there are many items in one room that you want to organize, it can be overwhelming to see the work needed to get to where you need your room to be.

If you let yourself think too much about it, you won't ever start. That's why, according to Cleaning Exec House Cleaning NYC, it's best to reduce the feeling of overwhelm by dealing with clutter one area at a time.

By dedicating your time to clean and declutter one area at a time, it becomes a lot less tiring to think of all the things you need to go through. You can start by cleaning and organizing your vanity area first. Once you finish with that, you can begin fixing the bedside areas, especially if they have cabinets. Doing it one place at a time makes the decluttering task more manageable. So you'll be more motivated to get started, and you won't worry about how many items you still have to go through.

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Ask Yourself About Each Item

When it's time for you to start decluttering, get yourself four boxes and label them based on what you plan on doing with each item. You have four options: Keep, give away, sell, or throw away.

If you feel like an item still sparks joy in you, you will put them on one of these four boxes. If there are sentimental items that you are struggling with throwing away, then there's no harm in keeping those. What's essential is that not every single thing is something that has sentimental value to you. Also, don't keep broken items as much as possible.

Even if you think you can fix them, if you can't honestly say that you're going to get to that item and fix it within a month, it might be better to throw those away.

Wardrobe space

Invest in a Wardrobe

If you lack closet space, get yourself a wardrobe or build one to place on one of your bedroom walls. Some homes have smaller closet space, but sometimes that's not enough. Installing a wardrobe can be a valuable way of ensuring that you get more space to store your clothes and toiletries. Depending on the wardrobe, it can also be a pleasant sight to see in your bedroom.

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Use Your Wall Space

One way that your room can feel more crowded is if many things are occupying the floor space. If you have to squeeze through or hop over items, that's a bad case of clutter. However, most of the time, the items cluttering your floor are storage solutions, like cabinets, standing shelves, and the like.

If you still need your storage solutions but want to free up more floor space, make the most out of your wall space then. That will allow some more floor space but still give you a space to store some of your items.

For example, instead of using bookshelves that stand on the floor, why not install ones that hang from your wall? Either way, you can add bookshelves for displaying stylish possessions and also for a storage solution.

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Get Boxes

If you need to clear away a room immediately, get yourself a set of boxes and leave the sorting of these items for later. Doing so allows you to clean the room of smaller items that you can sort out later. Of course, the critical part here is that you get to those items later to sort through them.

Leaving those items in a box and hiding them away is not the solution, just like sweeping dirt and dust under the carpet doesn't make for a clean home.

Use the Space Under Your Bed

In case you are unaware, but there are underutilized spaces in your room that you can use for storage. An example of said underutilized space would be the area under your bed. You can get storage boxes, label them based on the contents, and slide them under your bed. There are even storage boxes that come with wheels and handles so that you can quickly push and pull the boxes from under your bed. 

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Label Everything

A room might consistently get cluttered and disorganized because you don't know where to place things. To avoid this, you should consider labeling every storage solution to remind you where things are supposed to be stored.

Aside from that, labels help you remember where items are, so if you need them, you can find them. You should, however, avoid getting carried away with the labels. You aren't living in a museum after all. 

Use Over-the-Door Organizers

You can also add over-the-door organizers to get more storage spaces for your items, depending on the room. These work pretty well, especially in places like the bathroom or for your pantry doors.

Adding racks and hooks behind doors can give you more space to organize items. Some people even add smaller and matching baskets so that the over-the-door organizers still look stylish.

Packing clothes

Pack All Out-of-Season Clothing

If you want more closet space, then pack away any out-of-season clothing and tuck it somewhere that's as within reach as in your closet. Once these pieces of clothing are in season, you can swap them out. That way, you get more space in your closet, and you can reduce the time it takes you to shuffle through your clothes for what to wear.

Clean Often

Cleaning often ensures that you can see clutter before they build up and become harder to manage for a quick clean. You don't need to be stringent with the cleanliness of a room to ensure that you clean often. Having a dedicated hour, like before you get into bed and wake up, is an excellent time to do quick cleans around the house.

The ten organizing tips listed above can help you deal with whatever clutter you have, even if you do not have enough space. So, which of these decluttering tips are you going to apply immediately?

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Guest Blogger Gia Keasler
Gia Keasler is passionate about home and lifestyle and believes that a clean home impacts our mental wellbeing and growth. Speaking of well-being, she is also an avid runner and joins various marathons in Indianapolis. 




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