The Beauty of Bookshelves

Sep 1, 2021by Alexa Robel
Bookshelves often double as practical storage and a place to display your favorite accent pieces. Bookshelves also could be the missing piece to your space, as they have the potential to add color and style, completing the look of the room.
bookshelf with dim lighting
The best bookshelf decor often comes from decor you may already have. Shop around your house to find artwork, picture frames, vases, and other accessories in a cohesive color scheme or style. Place the largest items on the bookshelf first, staggering objects between shelves. Fill in with the rest of your objects, adding in stacks of books or magazines and potted plants to give it new life and to add color and texture.
Bookshelf decor
To achieve magazine worthy bookcase decor, resist the urge to place a ton of accessories on every shelf. Keep a clean look by choosing a one-color or tone-on-tone scheme for vases and objects, and mix up the shapes you use. Every so often, step back to assess the overall balance of your arrangement. Rearrange your items, place items off-center, or try larger or smaller ones until you like what you see.
Decorative items on shelf
Objects that have special meaning to you or evoke certain memories make great bookshelf decor. Gather souvenirs from travels, flea markets, or treasured collectibles to decorate your shelves. Place objects on top of a small stack of books to add interest.
The original purpose of a bookshelf is to display your books. To give your bookshelf an original look, try alternate stacking books horizontally and vertically. One of the best ideas for decorating bookcases is to use accessories as bookends. Boldly colored accents, picture frames, and small potted plants make great bookends and stand out on neutral shelves.

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