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Simple Ways to Update Your Backyard for Summer 2022

Jun 8, 2022by Guest Blogger

Summer is just around the corner, which means longer days, warmer temperatures, and more time spent outdoors! That’s exciting to think about, even if you’re still dealing with cooler spring weather.

However, it might not be as exciting when you’re looking out at your backyard and see a near-bare space, empty and brown from disuse and a harsh winter.

backyard deck with chairs

Chances are, you’re going to want to spend as much time as possible enjoying your backyard this summer, but it might require a little cleanup and a few simple upgrades. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to update your backyard without breaking the bank or having to remodel the entire thing.

If you’ve already got visions of backyard barbecues and cornhole tournaments swirling through your head, let’s cover a few ideas that can turn your backyard into your own personal piece of paradise this summer.

Clean Up and Go Green

One of the easiest ways to make your yard look better is to clean it up. Removing debris and getting rid of “clutter” like unused toys or equipment can give you a clean slate to work with. It will also give you more space, so you can dedicate your yard to fit your needs and wants, rather than just allowing it to be a hodge-podge of things.

beautifully landscaped backyard

If you want to update your yard on a budget, try planting more greenery. A backyard that feels like a plant paradise is inviting for everyone. You can choose specific trees or plants that attract birds, bats, or butterflies (and build some housing options for them, too!), or take advantage of a little hard work and try your hand at a vegetable/herb garden.

Growing your own food is a fantastic way to live more sustainably, eat healthier, and teach your kids about the importance of nutrition. Plus, it serves as a built-in science lesson for them every day!

You can add a few pops of color for interest by planting native flowers or hanging floral baskets. It doesn’t cost a lot to plant or decorate with greenery or flowers, but it adds a lot of character and functionality to an open-concept yard.

Backyard party

Enjoy More Entertaining Opportunities

If you’re more interested in hosting get-togethers with friends and family this summer, your focus should be on transforming your yard into an entertaining paradise.

Start by focusing on your porch, deck, or patio. It should look inviting and make people want to stick around. It’s often easier to create the right environment if you have a specific “theme” in mind. Not sure which way to go? Try one of the following ideas:

  • Modern
  • Farmhouse
  • Tropical paradise
  • Bohemian
  • Nautical

Make sure the space looks comfortable with the right furnishings, pillows, throws, and accent pieces. Your guests should be able to have conversations, enjoy some food, and feel like they’re not too cramped.

If you don’t have the budget to completely redo your backyard patio, consider some “hacks” that will save you money while giving your entertaining space an upgrade. You can repurpose furniture, look at local thrift stores for unique decor items, or reupholster your existing outdoor furniture for a new look at a fraction of the cost.

backyard pool

Something the Family Will Enjoy

At the end of the day, the people who will get the most use out of your backyard are your family members. Your backyard can (and should) be beautiful and fun for both you and your kids. 

That doesn’t mean it needs to be cluttered with toys that will end up breaking or getting ruined the first time it rains. You can make your backyard both fun and safe for your kids by focusing on experiences.

Set up an obstacle course for them to go through again and again. It’ll burn off some energy and it can provide them with a physical and mental challenge each time they’re outside.

On especially hot days, just “adding water” can make a big difference. Set up a small pool, sprinkler, or water table, and you’ll love watching your kids stay cool and have fun for hours. As a plus, those are all things that are quick and easy to store away when you’re done.

Think about what your family likes to do outside and build your backyard around those hobbies. If you like to stay out late on those warm summer nights, install a firepit (s’mores, anyone?). If your kids love sports, put up a volleyball net for everyone to enjoy.

backyard pergola

For your whole family’s safety and enjoyment, equip your backyard with plenty of shade. Whether you utilize natural shade from trees or invest in some kind of awning or pergola, enough shade will keep everyone from overheating and make it easier to spend longer periods outside.

No matter your budget, let your personality shine through your backyard this summer. Whether you want to attract wildlife, grow your food, or just have a place dedicated to fun and relaxation, these simple tips can help to prepare you for the warmer months ahead.

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