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7 Stunning Bedroom Lighting Ideas To Lighten Your Space, Immediately!

Aug 17, 2022by Guest Blogger

Light is one of the crucial factors in interiors no matter which room you are designing. But when it is about your personal space - the bedroom interior - it becomes all the more important to focus on it.

Indeed, it can be a headache to figure out what their placement should be, but worry not! Here are some awesome bedroom lighting ideas with and without false ceilings that’ll beautify your space, almost immediately!

Tighten your seatbelts and without further ado, let’s get started!

Use Hanging Lamps

hanging lamps next to bed

Since coziness is our main focus in our bedroom, good lighting can do just that for us! One of the best ideas to incorporate that intimacy and coziness into your space is to use hanging lamps.

In order to add more variety to it, you can vary the length of these hanging lamps so that the light falls in different ways and adds to the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

How About Candle Lights?

Nothing, really nothing can say beauty more than candlelight can! This is your call to use some candle lights in your bedroom for getting that intimate feel for your space! But where must you put the candles for the best effects? Well, it can be your headboard, your bedside table, or a floating wall shelf. These are some of the best places where the candles nail it! But understandably, you must place them where you feel at peace looking at them! And, by chance, if they are scented candles, magic awaits you!

Brighten It Up!

bed and ceiling light

Some of us don’t really like dull and dim rooms, right? Well, in that case, no one is stopping us from adding as many lights as we want to.

For example, you can add a pendant light, some lights on your headboard (check the above image for reference), and a tube light for added brightness. This would brighten up every nook and corner of your bedroom and you wouldn’t have to deal with a dark and dingy space.

For some added effect of the lights, try having some light-colored bedroom walls, preferably a white bedroom, they brighten up a space more than anything else can.

Add Fairy Lights

If it is a girl’s bedroom you are decorating and want an artistic touch to it, then fairy lights are the go-to. Try adding fairy lights on the wall behind the bed, they look beyond awesome. And in case you think they would take up a lot of space, go for a modern bedroom lighting approach- clipped pictures on fairy lights! That’s simple and kawaii!

fairy lights

Some Neon Signs Please

The most magical way to add lights in a brilliant way to your bedroom is by using neon signs. They aren’t just cool, but also your personal signature in your bedroom. Don’t you think so?

There are a lot of neon signs that are available in the market that you want to shop for. Plus, the added advantage is that they don’t just add the presence of lights to your space but also make your bedroom (neon) aesthetically pleasing! Makes sense? Well then, go ahead and shop for some.

Go For Lamps

The easiest way to add lights to your room is by using lamps as they’ve been used in this purple bedroom. That could be simple bedside lamps, ceiling lamps, or wall lamps. The choice is yours.

But the drill is to use lamps as much as possible. They add some creative beauty to your bedroom and don’t make it feel very showy.

That said, you’d particularly want lamps that have a dimmer switch so that you can set the mood as and when you need, right?

Don’t Ever Forget The Natural Light

window and couch

No matter how well you have been able to design your bedroom with the best bedding and lights but unless there is some natural light peeping in, it’s all in vain. The main point is, to try having as much natural light in your bedroom as possible during the daytime and try to be creative with it, just as creativity shines through the above space. Natural light has the ability to better our mood, immediately and above all, it is best for hygiene. There is no reason you want to resist that.


We hope you liked these bedroom lighting ideas in the post. There are various other ideas you can consider adorning your bedroom with and they are not limited to these! To add, the best way to make any space stand out is to use a touch of originality to it by adding a lot of colors or throwing in some pretty fabrics to the space. Don’t forget your personal touch and you’ll see your decor taking wings!

Until next time, happy decorating!

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Simran Kaur is the founder of Room You Love, a site that helps you design your best interiors. She believes in the interconnection between our mental health and our interior and firmly stands for it, with Room You Love!

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