Top 10 Home Decor Picks for a Stunning Black & White Bedroom

5 comments Jun 7, 2017by Kimberly Foerst
Interior designers will tell you that black and white home decor is timeless. If you’re planning to redecorate your bedroom in this style, we have everything you need at Check out our top 10 picks below.
When redecorating your bedroom, always start with the bedding.
1. Tryna Diamond Quilt Set
If you are looking for a modern design, this geometric pattern is exactly what you need. It’s bold and makes a statement. It’s also reversible if you wish to tone down the look.

Tryna Diamond Quilt Set by Lush Decor

2. Stripe Medallion Quilt Set
This quilt set’s beauty is understated with an interesting pattern of cascading medallions. For added convenience, this pattern is also available in matching window panels.

Stripe Medallion Quilt Set

3. Modern Chic Stripe Comforter Set
If you prefer a comforter over a quilt, this super soft 6-piece comforter set will dress your bed beautifully. Its classic design lends itself well to many home decor styles.

Modern Chic Stripe Comforter Set by Lush Decor

After you decide on your bedding, adding new window treatments is the next best way to update your bedroom decor.
4. Prima Velvet Color Block Window Curtains
These elegant window curtains are bright white at the top and stark black at the bottom. The faux velvet texture is so soft and luxurious!

Prima Velvet Color Block Window Curtains

5. Stripe Blackout Window Curtains
Need to completely block out the light and heat? These curtains are right for you. They are energy efficient and offer a modern stripe pattern in black and white.

Stripe Blackout Window Curtains by Lush Decor 

6. Chevron Room Darkening Valance
If you prefer to dress your window with a valance instead of a full-length panel, you can’t go wrong with the chevron pattern in black and white.

Chevron Valance by Lush Decor

These simple touches will bring your whole room together.
7. Houndstooth Fabric Covered Collapsible Storage Boxes
Everyone needs more storage space. These are available in three sizes and are perfect for organizing your bedroom.

Houndstooth Storage Box Set by Lush Decor

8. Belle Throw
This beautifully ruffled throw is bright white and adds a feminine touch to your bedroom.

Belle White Throw by Lush Decor

9. Beccy Decorative Pillow
No bedroom is complete without decorative pillows. This has a very unique geometric design that gives it a three-dimensional look.

Beccy Decorative Pillow by Lush Decor

10. Aubree Furniture Protector
If you have a chair in your bedroom, dress it up and protect it at the same time. It looks great, and you’ll be happy knowing that it holds up to spills, stains and more. This is especially important if your kids or pets spend time in your room.

Aubree Furniture Protector by Lush Decor

Lush Decor has a variety of soft bedding, elegant window curtains and accessories to completely transform your bedroom. If you are looking to buy affordable home décor, browse our website today!


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