Upgrading Your Kids’ Bedrooms: Give Your Children a Complete Room Makeover

Apr 19, 2017by Kimberly Foerst
One of the challenges of redecorating your kids’ bedrooms is finding the right items to match the rest of the room with your children’s comforter sets and quilt sets. When you shop at Lush Decor online, it is easy to make over your kids’ bedrooms with coordinated bedding, storage, window treatments and more.

Many Lush Decor youth collections include a combination of matching bedding, curtains, throws, kids' storage boxes, and shower curtains for little boys’ and little girls’ rooms.

Pixie Fox Quilt and Throw

Pixie Fox Collection
This collection is available in both gray/pink and navy/orange and includes an adorable quilt set with decorative pillow, a soft Sherpa-lined throw, and a shower curtain for your kids’ bathroom. Matching window panels will be available soon.

Race Cars Quilt Set, Curtains, Throw and Storage

Race Cars Collection
Recently featured on Hawaii Five-0, the Race Cars collection has the option of a 2- or 3-piece reversible quilt set, soft Sherpa-lined throw, 3-piece storage boxes set, storage ottoman and room darkening window panels.

Flying Balloon Quilt, Curtains and Throw

Flying Balloon Collection
The Flying Balloon collection features a reversible 2- or 3-piece quilt set, shower curtain, window treatments and throw.

Alligator Quilt, Throw, Storage and Curtains

Alligator Collection
Our Alligator line includes the option of a 3- or 4-piece quilt set with decorative pillow, room darkening curtains, Sherpa-lined throw, collapsible ottoman and 3-piece storage box set.

Sausage Dog Collection by Lush Decor

Sausage Dog Collection
Perfect for a little boy or a little girl, this collection features a 3- or 4-piece quilt set with decorative pillow, fabric covered storage boxes, shower curtain, storage ottoman and curtains.

Flutter Butterfly Collection by Lush Decor

Flutter Butterfly Collection
This collection has everything you need to redecorate your daughter’s room, including a 2- or 3-piece quilt set, a storage ottoman, window panels, fabric covered storage boxes and a shower curtain.
Buying kids’ bedroom decor from a collection allows you to be sure everything will match well and look good together.

4 Additional Tips for Redecorating Your Kids’ Bedrooms:

1. Encourage Participation - Your child can help with the redecorating process by making decisions about the color of the room, the pattern or theme of the room, and simple tasks like making the bed or putting books on the shelves. It's fun for children to be involved, and they'll take pride in the way it turns out.
2. Encourage Creativity - Be sure to create a designated space for your son or daughter to color, sketch, build or do whatever gets their creative juices flowing. Don’t forget to also give them a place to display their works of art in a way that’s easy to swap out frequently.
3. Encourage Cleanup – Provide storage options at their level. If you place hampers or storage boxes too high, they will never be used. Placing them on low shelves or on the floor are ideal for younger children.
4. Encourage Learning – Your kids may spend a lot of time in their bedrooms. Make sure they have access to age-appropriate books, puzzles and games, especially ones with topics that fit with the theme of the room. They’ll learn while having fun.
At Lush Decor we are all about quality, design, and innovation. We offer a large inventory of bedding, shower curtains, window treatments and accessories such as throw blankets, pillows, and storage. Create your own look today and browse our site for home decor options for all ages.

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