Tying in Fall/Winter 2020 Fashion Trends into Your Home Decor this Season

Oct 14, 2020by Alexa Robel
Are you looking to give your home a facelift in a fashion-forward way? We researched some of this season’s fashion trends, collecting our findings from some of the most notable fashion blogs on the internet. Here are some of this season’s latest fashion trends, and how you can apply these to your home décor style this Fall and Winter.

jewel tones in accent pieces

Jewel Tones- Color Trends
Accent colors are important in a home, giving each room a certain look to it depending on the color palate used and the same goes for the colors a person often wears. A person’s favorite or most worn colors reflects who they are. Red’s and purples are this year’s ‘it’ colors according to the runway, and the Pantone “Color of the Year” for 2020 is classic blue. Red purple and blue are representations of gemstones ruby, amethyst and sapphire, which is no coincidence. We of course are no strangers to the burnt reds and oranges of the fall season, but seeing purples and blues will be the refreshing change we might all need. 
The runway this year has seen big beautiful formalwear gowns of all different deep colors, accented with gold or silver. Adding a little bling to your home this season by lining your dining room or kitchen table with an emerald green table cloth or a sapphire blue table runner. Accessorize your dining room or coffee table by grouping together gold candle stick holders and pairing the holders with deeper toned colored candles. Changing the hardware on your cabinets or drawers is an easy way to give your storage character and charm. Hang a flashy pair of curtains or sheers over your windows. Deeper toned accent throw pillows will add a warm touch to your couch, bed or armchair. Gem stone colors can be simply paired with silver or gold to complete the look. 
Prints- Checker and Plaid

classic plaid bedding

Checker and plaid prints make their way back around each season, especially during the colder seasons so it’s no surprise we’ll see them again this year. Cozy plaid flannel button-up shirts and checker print blazers, to name a few, are some pieces we can expect to see while shopping online or in retail stores. Checker and plaid print are also a Fall and Winter classic in the home décor department, and they look great on beds as a comforter, on the table as a tablecloth, and they can typically be found printed or woven into throw pillows. It is often seen upholstered on fall and Christmas décor like pumpkins or Christmas trees. These patterns are typically monotoned making it easy to style with accent colors such as reds, oranges, and greens.
Fringe and Ruffles

ruffle textures, ruffle curtain lush decor

Fringe and ruffles are seen on coats and tops, especially on blouses. Both bring a sense of warmth and vintage charm. A great way to tie this trend into your home is through curtains -- whether it’s window or shower curtains -- giving the space that vintage feel it might be missing. Ruffles and fringe are versatile accents, transitioning easily into the warmer seasons.

leather couch and decor

Is leather ever not trending? Faux leather pants, leggings, jackets/blazers or accessories such as boots are seen almost every Fall season, and there are a few ways to incorporate leather into your home. A popular way to tie leather into your home is through furniture. If buying leather furniture is too much of a commitment for you, try adding a faux leather pillow to your bed or couch, or swap out an old storage basket for a faux leather basket. Accessorize leather with more cozy textiles, such as faux fur, chenille or Sherpa, or pair it with a fringe accessory.
What’s great about fashion trends is trends have the ability to appeal to so many styles and taste at once. The chances are if you don’t like one specific trend, you probably like another. Maybe you’re not into fringe but you love the idea of adding more leather into your home décor. There are no rules for partaking in trends, and the ability to mix and match colors and patterns the way you like is how you’ll be able to incorporate this season’s fashion trends into your home décor.  

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