Transitioning Your Home Decor from Summer to Fall: Tips From the Experts

Sep 6, 2017by Kimberly Foerst
Days are getting shorter, temperatures are getting cooler and gourds are popping up everywhere. All of this can only mean one thing – Fall is here. It’s time to transition your home decor from your bright, cheery summer styles to warmer, more rustic autumn styles.

How to Transition Your Home Decor From Summer to Fall

We spoke to professional interior designers and interior decorators to get their tips for making the transition as simple as possible.

6 Experts Share Their Tips on How to Transition Your Home Decor from Summer to Fall

Nicole FultonThe best way to transition your space from Summer to Fall is to layer on texture and color. Bring on the thicker, more tactile area rugs.  Break out a chunkier throw to keep you warm.  Swap out one or two pieces of artwork for pieces that feature warmer, more saturated colors.  Don’t forget that as the days get shorter, an additional lamp or two in your living spaces will keep things cozy and inviting!
Nicole Fulton –
Carla AstonUse some taller faux leaves and branches to prop into large vases, jars, crocks, etc. Using natural branches works well, but the quality faux products last a long time and are looking pretty good these days. I add some to my mantel olive jars, and in a few vases scattered around my house.
I usually tuck candles away in the summer, it's just too hot to light anything up inside your home in this part of the country during this time of year. When the cooler weather comes around, I like to bring out some candles and enjoy lighting them in the evenings when the light starts going earlier and we're watching TV or relaxing. It feels cozy and intimate.
Use a blanket or wool throw as a tablecloth for a cozy dinner. It's a great way to do something unexpected and get that fall feel at your table.
Carla Aston, ASID, RID –
Cindy LongFall is my favorite time of year and I'm always eager to decorate for pumpkin season! I favor farmhouse style decor year-round, with lots of rustic texture, which makes it very easy to transition to Fall with little effort. Pulling out chunky blankets and throws, adding more nature- related items like wheat, cotton, leaves from my yard and lots of candles to give off a warm glow and a yummy scent are my favorite ways to decorate! I love pumpkins and have collected quite a stash of homemade and store-bought ones. I like to come up with different ways to display them each year. This year I've piled a bunch in a wooden dough bowl, along with magnolia leaves, lambs ears and mercury glass votive holders. It makes a pretty, rustic centerpiece that is suitable all season long.
Cindy Long –
Denise O'ConnorAt this time of year it’s time to take our focus from outside and bring our attention to the indoors so that our homes are cosy and inviting places to take refuge over the colder darker months of the year.
With the shorter days, lighting your home is important. Maximise the amount of natural light in a room by hanging a large mirror on a blank stretch of wall or above a mantel display to reflect light throughout your space. Ambient lighting like table and floor lamps are ideal to bring light into darker corners. Having a number of different light sources will allow you to control the atmosphere in the room, meaning you can create the perfect environment any time of the day
Denise O'Connor –
Diana GillWhen I think of fall, only one word comes to mind: "rustic". The trick is to bring the outside in, mix colors and neutrals, swap out the bright pillows for darker tones -- jewel tones are so 2017. Adding a flannel throw to the couch or bed will bring in the festive element, if flannel isn't your style faux fur also does the trick. Go to your local farmers market, pick up a pumpkin and some seasonal vegetables to accessorize your kitchen basket. A pumpkin spiced latte scented candle in the bathroom, (actually add scented candles all over the house, apple pie, cinnamon, pumpkin etc.) change up the shower curtain and voila. If you need inspiration picking the colors for your home, just go back to nature and admire the colors of our beautiful autumn leaves.
Diana Gill –
Jenny CaspersThis Fall, I am still craving the need for simplicity that I've felt all Summer long. Don't get me wrong, I love to sprinkle my home with seasonal decor, especially during the holidays, but there's something about a clean decor template with purposeful touches that I'm really loving this year.
Summer was all about greenery for me (faux, if I'm honest!) so it's time to take out those with a summery vibe and replace them with things like lamb's ear, eucalyptus, sunflowers, and natural elements like birch wood and pine cones. But my favorite Fall decor items this year have to be pumpkins! I love decorating with white pumpkins, and am loving seeing them alongside muted mint colored ones as well! The color palette I'm crushing on this Fall is creams, light and dark muted greens and touches of burgundy for a lux touch.
Jenny Caspers –


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