Top 5 Nursery Window Curtains Based On 2018 Nursery Decor Trends

Apr 11, 2018by Kimberly Foerst
If you have a baby on the way, you will certainly want to get your nursery prepared before the baby’s arrival. While your baby may not care what the room looks like, you can expect to spend a lot of time in it, so you probably want it to be stylish yet still comfortable for your little one.
Based on nursery decorating trends for this year, we have put together this list of the top 5 window treatment options for your baby’s room.

Prima Velvet Solid Window Curtain Panel Set

1. Prima Velvet Solid Window Curtains
Velvet textures are trending in nursery decor. From the sitting chair to the curtains, the soft plush fabric will leave a comfortable feeling in your baby’s nursery, which will be much needed when your baby has a sleepless night.

Kelly Checker Window Curtain Panel Set

2. Kelly Checker Window Curtains
Buffalo Check is on trend in general, and it’s starting to show up on the walls and textiles in nurseries. Our room darkening Kelly Checker curtains will allow your baby to nap during the day. Available in both navy and pink, you can choose the perfect shade based on the sex of your child.

Ruffle Polka Dots Window Curtain Panel Set

3. Ruffle Polka Dots Window Curtains
Polka dots are a design staple for both kids and babies. You will see these printed on crib sheets, painted on walls, even on the clothing of the stuffed animals in the room. Our Ruffle Polka Dots Window Curtains are very stylish with polka dots from top to bottom and ruffles along the edges. They also let in plenty of natural light to brighten the room, so you may want to consider pairing them with a blackout curtain for daytime naps.

Reyna Window Curtain Panel Set

4. Reyna Window Curtains
Lavender is trending in nursery design. These gorgeous ruffled curtains add style to the nursery and can be used in the future for your child’s first big kid bedroom. This simple yet elegant look never goes out of style.

Elephant Stripe Room Darkening Window Curtain Set

5. Elephant Stripe Window Curtains
Animals, not necessarily characters, are always in style for kids and babies. These curtains are great especially if you want to wait to see the sex of the baby, because they combine neutral pinks, blues and grays suited well for any young boy or girl. Plus, when your baby grows up, we have matching quilt sets to easily transition the nursery into his or her first big kid bedroom.
When you’re getting prepared for your baby’s arrival, there is a lot to worry about. Decorating your nursery should be fun and shouldn't be stressful. The right window treatments will bring the whole space together.

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