Tips for Decorating Your Home with the Colors of Fall

Sep 4, 2019by Jenny Zhu
The best way to show your love of fall is to decorate your home with the beautiful colors that make the season between summer and winter so welcoming. To give your home the welcoming feeling of fall, you must tap into the natural beauty that Mother Nature creates all around us. There are different color schemes suited for each homeowner’s distinct preferences and regional style trends, but we made this brief guide to help you decorate your home in the spirit of autumn!

Light Neutral Hues

Burlap Knotted Tab Top Curtains
The neutral coloring of our Burlap Knotted Tab Top Curtains emits a familiar fall feeling that fits with the season change perfectly. These unique curtains foster a French Country chic look for your home, with your choice of soft and neutral colors to choose from.

Dana Lace Shower Curtain

As demonstrated by the Dana Lace Shower Curtain, plain, lighter colors are great for brightening up your bathroom in the fall! The neutral coloring of this curtain allows for easy matching, and the lace accent stripe adds just the right amount of charm.

Milo Linen Window Curtain Panel Set

When it comes to adding neutral colors to your home, curtains clearly reign supreme! Our Milo Linen Window Curtain Panel Set sports a timeless color block style, contrasting the off-white linen blend fabric with luscious faux velvet at the top.

Ella Shabby Chic Ruffle Lace 3 Piece Comforter Set

If you are looking to buy shabby chic bedding online that will fill your home with feelings of fall, start with our Ella Shabby Chic Ruffle Lace 3 Piece Comforter Set. The layers of ruffles and lace trim on this beautiful bedding allows for a hint of flair in a set that is otherwise minimalist in style.

Jewel Tones

Boho Chic Quilt Set
Jewel tones are always popular in the fall, and nothing brings these colors to your home quite like our jewel-toned Boho Chic quilt set! This three-piece set will bring vibrant color, brightness, and energy to your room. You can also buy fall-ready youth bedding from Lush Decor that your kids will love as much as you do!

Clara Room Darkening Valance

Anybody who loves the rich coloring and depth of jewel tones will adore the Clara Collection, which comes with room-darkening curtains and valances, in addition to gorgeous shower curtains and three-piece quilt sets. The Clara Collection’s unique patterns will add a layer of vibrancy to each room in your home.

Lillian Shower Curtain

Jewel tones look great in the bathroom, especially when the coloring matches other decor in the room. Our elegant Lillian Shower Curtain features a nice modern look, with cute circles hand-stitched onto the top part adding a layer of 3-D texture.

Leaf Colors

Shiley Decorative Throw Pillow
Our Shiley Decorative Pillows are available in a stunning arrangement of leaf colors that match the autumn atmosphere in America, from deep red to burnt orange, and more. A small pillow can have a big impact on the overall tone of rooms in your home, especially when paired properly with other leaf-colored pillows and furniture garments. It’s great to have interchangeable home decor around that can be swapped out by season!

Misha Window Curtains

It’s hard not to fall in love with the amazing patchwork style of our Misha Room Darkening Window Curtain Set. If you want leaf-colored curtains that will have a big impact on the atmosphere of any room in your home, this set is for you. It’s also perfect for young adults and teens who prefer bold colors and vibrancy over minimalistic style. 

Royal Empire Quilt Set

Our Royal Empire 3 Piece Quilt Set is great because it is so versatile! This three-piece set is made of 100 percent cotton, featuring an array of bright leafy colors and eye-popping patterns that remind you of fall. The colors will look spectacular in any contemporary or traditional bedroom.

Diamond Ikat Room Darkening Window Curtain Set

The vibrant fall colors and geometric designs on our Diamond Ikat Room Darkening Window Curtain Set add a fun feel to homes during the fall. These curtains also offer versatility, as they are machine washable and can be used in any bedroom or living room.

Prima Velvet Solid Room Darkening Window Curtain Panel Set

Faux velvet curtains don’t just look good — they are so soft that it’s hard not to wrap yourself up in them like a blanket! Our Prima Velvet Solid Room Darkening Window Curtain Panel Set comes in a wide range of autumn colors that match the leaves on the ground outside, and they add a luxurious feel to your home. 
At Lush Decor, we love fall for so many reasons — but the mild weather, frequent holidays, and festive gatherings are made even better with the gorgeous array of colors we have the privilege of working with to decorate your home! The neutral hues, jewel tones, and leaf colors that inspire our products come from the best artist of all: Mother Nature. We love sharing our works of art and helping you make your house into a home, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us to consult about fall design ideas!

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