Lush Decor #PillowChallenge

May 7, 2020by Kimberly Foerst
Have you seen the latest trend on social media, specifically on Instagram? It's the #PillowChallenge. It started out as celebrities dressing in their favorite pillow, cinched with a belt, to look like a fancy new dress.

Woman wearing Lush Decor Layla Pillow Case as Dress for #PillowChallenge

Now it seems that everyone's doing it, and we'd love to see the fashion you can create with your favorite Lush Decor pillow or pillow case. And we're giving away store credit to anyone who follows these simple steps:
1. Take a photo wearing a Lush Decor bedroom pillow as a dress with your favorite belt or anything you like to cinch it in the middle and hold it in place. (Tip: Make sure everything's covered before moving on to the next step.)
2. Post that image to your Instagram feed or your Instagram Story with the hashtags #PillowChallenge, #LushDecorBedddingChallenge and #LushDecor, and be sure to tag us @LushDecorHome so that we can see it.
3. If we see your post, we will respond to you with a $15 e-gift card to shop at (Tip: Make sure you aren't set up with a private account.)
The deadline to qualify for an e-gift card is May 31, 2020. If you have any questions, please email

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