It’s National Embroidery Month! — Incorporate Beautifully Designed Pieces in Your Home

Feb 5, 2020by Kimberly Foerst
Treat yourself during the month of February with beautifully embroidered pieces for your home. From luxury duvet covers to elegant shower curtains, window treatments and more, you’ll find the decor you need with beautiful embroidered designs that fit your distinct style and aesthetic.

National Embroidery Month

At Lush Decor, we carry luxury home items that incorporate detailed embroidered accents to adorn your home, adding allure, charm, and character. Check out the video below highlighting popular Lush Decor pieces with colorful embroidered accents:
A Delicate Process With Long-Lasting Results
What is it about embroidery that catches the eye, anyway? Could it be its rich history, or perhaps its unique and delicate designs consisting of strategic needle-thread placement? With various embroidery styles derived from nearly every culture across the world, there are a number of unique reasons why people love pieces bedecked by this needlecraft.
Out of the many techniques used in the apparel and fabric industry, embroidery is certainly a method that most designers favor. From high-end luxury brands to local boutique shops, you’ll find magnificently embroidered pieces all across these spaces.

February is National Embroidery Month

The process involves using thread to sew, or embroider, a design or pattern directly onto the fabric or other materials, either by hand or machine. Embroidery may also use embellishments such as beads, pearls, and sequins.
Give Your Home a Fresh Update by Showcasing Elegant Embroidery
If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your home’s design, consider changing up your bedding set, shower curtains, window drapes, and even decorate throw pillows. You can buy colorful decorative pillows online, as well as other home essentials, that display elegant embroidered designs.

Danor Decorative Pillow by Lush Decor

Adding embroidered home decor is a great way to incorporate color and depth into your space while updating the overall feel of the room. If there are pieces in your home that have embroidery, you know they do not go unnoticed! They also provide a ton of benefits, such as:
 >Elegant & Luxurious Appearance
 >Are Used on a Wide Variety of Materials
 >Long-Lasting Designs
 >Can Be Washed/Laundered
 >Are Used on Different Items (pillows, comforters, drapes, clothes, etc.)
Browse our website for colorful home decor with embroidered accents to give your space a real pop. For more information, feel free to give us a call at 1-866-313-4914.

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