How To Put A Duvet Cover On Your Insert

Mar 22, 2023by Dana Dantoni

Admit it.. putting on your duvet cover is hard! Getting your insert inside your duvet cover to fit your insert just right, in all corners, can sometimes be a struggle. Below you can watch a video of how you can put your duvet cover on your insert in a hassle-free way!

With these steps listed and the video attached, you will soon be a pro at putting on your duvet cover.

How To Put A Duvet Cover On Your Insert
This demonstration is done with our Harley Duvet Cover Set.

Step 1. Lay Out Your Insert

Make sure that your insert is laid out flat on your bed.

Step 2. Turn Your Duvet Cover Inside Out

Unfold and turn your duvet cover inside out. Lay it out flat on your bed.

Step 3. Tie Each Corner Of Your Duvet & Insert

Match up all four corners of your duvet cover and insert. Tie each corner.

Step 4. Roll Up Duvet & Insert

Starting at the head of your bed, roll your insert over top of your duvet cover. Continue rolling all the way to the end of the insert and cover.

Step 5. Tuck In Both Ends

Once your duvet cover and insert are rolled up like a burrito, tuck in both ends of the roll into the duvet cover.

Step 6. Unroll & Shake Out 

Once both ends are tucked in, you can begin to unroll and shake out your duvet. You will see that your insert and duvet cover will fit perfectly.

Step 7. Button Up The Ends

At the foot of your duvet cover you will see buttons (or some may have zippers). Button up the ends so your insert will stay put!

Step 8. Style Away!

Add your pillow shams, decorative pillows, and throw blankets for a complete and styled look!

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