How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

Feb 22, 2023by Dana Dantoni

When it comes to folding a fitted sheet, the struggle is real! The real question is, do you know how to properly fold a fitted sheet or are you the type to just roll it up in a ball and throw it in the linen closet? Below you can watch a video of how to properly fold a fitted sheet with our Bohemian Stripe Sheet Set!

With the steps listed and video attached, you will be able to fold your fitted sheet like a pro! Your fitted sheet and linen closet will thank you!

Watch a video demonstration - how to fold a fitted sheet

Step 1:

The first step is to lay your fitted sheet out. Grab the two corners at the bottom of the sheet and push them inside the top two corners.

Step 2:

Once the bottom corners are tucked into the top corners, fold the left and right side of the sheet to create a square-like shape.

Step 3:

From there, create a triangle fold with the bottom left and right corner of the fitted sheet. Fold the triangle a quarter of the way up and then fold once more to get the rectangle fold on the bottom end.

Step 4:

Now starting at the top of the fitted sheet, tuck in the top to get a nice rectangle and fold that rectangle over once. The next fold of that rectangle goes on top of the bottom rectangle where the triangle fold was first tucked. Throughout this process, make sure that you are keeping the folds flat and crisp.

Step 5:

Once you have one long rectangle, fold the left side over one third of the way. Do the same on the right side, taking the end and folding it one third of the way. 

Step 6:

You now can take the right side of the fitted sheet and tuck it into the left side pocket. Once you tuck it in and flatten it, you now have a perfectly folded fitted sheet!

Have another way of doing it? Be sure to share with us your hacks of how to fold a fitted sheet in the comments! And if you give this process a try, be sure to tag us on Instagram @lushdecorhome!

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