How to Brighten a Space with Minimal Natural Light

Jun 15, 2016by Kimberly Foerst
Jacey Window Panels
When designing a space, it is always ideal to take advantage of as much natural light in the room as possible. Even if natural light is limited, it is still easy to brighten your room with these quick, easy and inexpensive ideas.
Add Lighting
First, you will obviously need to incorporate some lighting fixtures within the space. Whether it’s recessed lighting or a bold chandelier, or perhaps a few table lamps, the lighting is key. But lighting alone is not enough.
Color Palette
Lighter colors are essential to brighten a room without enough natural light. This applies to your walls, furniture, flooring, and home décor touches. Think light grays, pale pinks, bright whites and yellows, light nature colors. Use darker colors like black, navy blue, red, and purple sparingly, and primarily as accents.
Less is More
Nothing will make a room feel smaller and dimmer than a cluttered room. It’s imperative that you keep the room organized and void of distracting junk strewn about the space.
Add Plant Life
Adding live plants can brighten even the darkest of rooms. Be sure to pick plants that don’t require much natural light. Display them in pots or planters that stick to the color palette rules above.
Wall Art
You can create the feel of a window by adding a large mirror to reflect light and make the room feel larger, or by adding a large framed image of a landscape or any outdoor view.
When it comes to dark rooms, a few small changes such as painting the walls, de-cluttering, and adding a few plants can dramatically brighten the space.

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