How To Achieve the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic in Your Home

Jul 13, 2022by Dana Dantoni

You might have heard of “grandmillenial” style or “Nancy Meyers chic” but have you heard of “Coastal Grandmother?” TikTok influencer Lex Nicoleta created this trendy term that everyone is talking about. The best part is that you do no have to be a grandmother or live by the coast to achieve this aesthetic!

So you may be wondering, "how do I achieve this aesthetic?" Great question! Think of the lifestyle of living in The Hamptons; living in a luxurious oceanfront property as if you were in a Diane Keaton movie; a clean and slower paced leisurely lifestyle. A Coastal Grandmother’s home is cozy, comfortable, bright, laid-back, and chic.

Here are some tips for achieving the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic in your home:

1. Fresh Flowers


Adding a touch of fresh flowers on display in your kitchen or living room space will add a pop of color in your home. A coastal grandma would have gotten these flowers at the local market or from her own garden. The arrangement of flowers will consist of blue, white, green, or soft pink hues. Hydrangeas or orchids are a great option to start with. Add some fresh greenery on your windowsill as well and you’re one step closer to this easy-going lifestyle.

2. Cottons and Linens

Belgian Flax Linen Quilt Set

To achieve this aesthetic, you’ll want to surround your home in quality fabrics, such as cottons and linens. Let the light shine in and breeze flow through your home with rich fabric window coverings. The perfect colors for your window treatments are white, tan, and neutral tones. Our Farmhouse Faux Linen Tab Top Curtains would look perfect in your easy-breezy home. Adding window treatments made of cotton or linen while dressed in your matching linen loungewear create definite coastal grandmother vibes.

You can also create a bedroom that’s both luxurious and comfortable so you can relax and continue the timeless look to your home. Take a look at our Belgian Flax Linen Rich Cotton Blend Quilt 3 Piece Set to create an elegant look.

grandma reading book on bench

3. Stacked Books and Candles

Decorate your living space with books and candles. Stack together some cook books to inspire your home cooked meals made with fresh produce from your local farmer’s market, or stack decorative books. Or create a stack of your favorite reads so you can easily grab them for the beach or a nice day on the porch. Laying back with a good book, lit candles, and a glass of white wine will put your right in the carefree lifestyle of a coastal grandmother.

4. Throw Pillows and Cozy Blankets

coastal pilllows on couch

A Coastal Grandmother would have throw pillows to cozy up on the couch with. She would also have a bunch of throw blankets to grab to sit out on the porch at night. Your blankets and throw pillows should be in soft neutral colors or blues resembling nature and the sea. Check out our Coastal Pillow Bundle and Boho Knitted Tassel Throw Blanket to get you started! Any Coastal Grandmother would love these! Creating a comfortable feel in your home will give you the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the little things.

With these tips, now you can pick up that carefree lifestyle of a Coastal Grandmother in no time! Let us know what you think makes a Coastal Grandma!

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