Holiday Gift Guide: Top Gift Picks for Young Ladies

Dec 9, 2020by Kimberly Foerst
Do you have a teenage daughter, sister or niece? This post in our series of gift guides is all about them.
When they outgrow their childhood bedroom decor, it’s time to give them an upgrade. The items below would be ideal for young ladies in middle school, high school, or even those getting ready for college.
Here are our top picks for young ladies this holiday season:

Kemmy Quilt Set

1. Kemmy Collection
Including a quilt set, shower curtain, and window panels in multiple color options, this collection is ideal for “girly” girls. The feminine ruffles and pom pom trim create a look fit for a pageant queen. Shop Now.

Bohemian Stripe Quilt Set

2. Bohemian Stripe Collection
These bright and colorful items feature contrasting stripes with eclectic designs. This popular design will grow with the lucky lady who receives them, working well through college and perhaps into a first apartment. Shop Now.

Hati Elephants Throw Sherpa

3. Hati Elephants Throw
You’d be hard pressed to find a more fun and exciting design for your daughter or niece. This sherpa lined throw features beautiful elephants and trendy jewel tones and is offered in multiple color options to match her room. Shop Now.

Harbor Life Collection by Lush Decor

4. Harbor Life Collection
You can help the young lady in your life redecorate her entire room with this coastal inspired collection, which includes bedding, furniture protectors and throws. This design is ideal for girls with more grown-up tastes or those who just love the beach. Shop Now.

Umbre Fiesta Collection by Lush Decor

5. Umbre Fiesta Collection
The modern style of the color fading ombre design in this collection is perfect for teenagers and young adults. She can redecorate her room with a comforter set and window panels, and then add a matching shower curtain to her bathroom. Shop Now.
Of course, you can also always purchase a gift card so she can choose whatever she likes.

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