Guest Blog: Why You Should Have Art In Your Home

Apr 18, 2018by Jenny Zhu
From any designer’s point of view, art is the number one tool you need to transform your house into a home. What better way to revamp your interior than to treat your wall as a blank canvas, ready and waiting for a personal, artistic touch. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why art is an essential part of any happy household:

Art in a home

Art Ties Your Furniture Together
If you’re struggling to achieve a colour scheme in your home, you’re not alone. Interior designers spend years learning how to perfectly complement colours and patterns, but I’m here to tell you that the same can be done in just a few simple steps. Take that bright-coloured sofa you bought in a Black Friday frenzy as an example; it can so easily look out of place amongst your other furniture but you don’t have to abandon hope just yet! Some fun, colourful arty homeware can tie it in perfectly, and visitors will be amazed at your new contemporary style.

Art in home

Uncover Your Own Creative Side
In our busy lives, it can seem impossible to retreat from the daily grind of work and engage in a creative activity. Surrounding yourself with artistic features in your home is a sure-fire way to let your creative side shine. Enough time spent around modern prints or beautifully designed kitchenware will foster creativity and encourage your imagination to take over, even after a hectic workday.

Art in home

Art Adds Personality to any Room
Often, you can walk into a fully furnished living room and feel like there’s just something missing. All the correct fittings are there; there are plenty of sofas and a great television, and yet for some reason, it’s lacking that fundamental element that makes people say ‘wow’. Introducing: art! Add a couple of canvases to the walls, some decorated china on the mantelpiece and a few beautiful cushions on the couch and voila: a stunning living room with its own personality!

focal wall of art

Creating a Focal Point
Sometimes all it takes is a striking ornament or a quirky, modern painting to stop you in your tracks. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, a few unique and artsy vases or jugs could provide an equally breath-taking centerpiece for any room. Whatever your style, art draws attention to a space and creates a talking point - perfect for a social household.

art in home

Art Completes the Look
Incorporating all of this, art completes the look of a room. Not only will it complement and enhance the furniture and fittings you already have, art can create a totally new image for any space.
Filling a room with beautiful paintings and ornaments lifts your mood, inspires your creative side and reflects your personality. Feeling persuaded now? Good! Next time you walk into a room in your house, take a moment to imagine the types of art you could add to reach your home’s beautiful potential.

About the Author:

Guest Blogger Emily Smith Emily Smith is a talented artist from Devon. Owing to her childhood spent on a rural farm, Emily’s work is inspired by the nature and animals of the Devon countryside. Since launching her brand in 2017, Emily Smith has introduced an exciting range of products that reflect her fun and quirky artistic tastes. She creates unique, beautifully painted homeware and accessories, perfect for any art-loving household.
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