Guest Blog: Tips to Transforming Your Backyard to Match Your Home

Feb 6, 2019by Jenny Zhu
You can turn your backyard into a haven of relaxation with the addition of a few structures and some style elements. Also, designing your backyard that complements the design of your home can make your house more attractive.
Here are some design ideas that could transform your yard into a beautiful extension of your home.

Build a Pergola

1. Build a pergola
Construct a pergola in your garden or near your backyard swimming pool. You may put white curtains at each corner of the pergola for that light and airy look. Add some seating by using weatherproof chairs and tables. To make lounging in your pergola more comfortable, put cushions on the chairs. Paint the pergola with the same exterior paint as your house. You may also paint it white – a white color is perfect with hanging flowering plants. You can now relax in your backyard and enjoy the cool breeze of fresh air.
2. Coordinate the design of your patio with your home’s architecture
You can build a patio facing your backyard. The patio is a good outdoor area for relaxing and dining during good-weather days. Match the furniture in your patio with what you have in your house. For example, if your house has a classic design, then your patio furniture should also have an elegant design. You may style your patio by incorporating an umbrella, container gardens, and planting beds. It is best to match the color of the umbrella with the exterior color of your house.

Outdoor Kitchen

3. Extend or add an outdoor kitchen
It is fantastic to entertain guests in your backyard. Eating outdoors is pleasant and refreshing too. You may extend your kitchen or build an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. Furnish it with a grill, a stove, an island counter, and stools. You may also add a sink to make food preparation convenient.
4. Construct an outdoor room
You may build an outdoor room in your backyard and make it feel like it’s an extension of your living space. Add benches all around it and accessorize it with colorful throw pillows. To provide privacy, you may surround the place with garden walls or build a trellis. You can even add appliances, such as a TV and a mini bar, perfect for entertaining. Put plants in the room to make it more beautiful.

Decorate Your Deck

5. Decorate your deck
A deck is an elevated space located in your backyard that is connected to your house. Yes, you need to dress up your deck to make your backyard blend with your home. You could make your deck a place for warm conversations, outdoor activities, or just lounging and reading a book. Your deck can also be used as a place to dine, especially when you have guests around. Furnish it with comfortable furniture and accessories. You may also put a shade, such as an umbrella or trellis. Of course, do not forget to have potted plants around your deck.

Create a Garden

6. Create a garden and add a pool
Your backyard will be more engaging and delightful if you create a beautiful garden with a small pond and a water fountain. You may upgrade your yard by landscaping it. Cut the weeds and level the ground. Cultivate and aerate the soil for planting.
It is great if you also construct a swimming pool. You need earth moving equipment, such as the excavators from Rent1 USA, to dig holes for the pool. Ask yourself, “Are there excavator rentals near me?” If the answer is yes, then you may hire one to make your landscaping project easy and fast. Indeed, your backyard will look stunning and inviting with a garden and pool.
Make your home more attractive by incorporating the above structures in your backyard. Likewise, decorating and furnishing your backyard with stylish accessories and amenities just like what you do in your home will definitely increase the value of your property.

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