Guest Blog: Strapped For Ideas? Follow These 5 Essential Tips To Make Your Home Really Stand Out

Oct 17, 2018by Jenny Zhu
No matter how long you live in your house or apartment, there is always something that can be done to refresh the space you spend your time in. Sometimes we lack ideas, sometimes we are simply tired. However, you don´t have to stress over it, because we have collected ideas that will make your home stand out.
How much have you changed in the last six months? Probably, a lot; life is faster than ever, and as we change and develop, we should do the same with our living space. You don´t have to recreate everything, but even the smallest change, like painting the walls, or buying new furniture, could improve your environment.

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Rule number one – there are no rules
The rules are made to be broken, so don´t be afraid to experiment. The whole point is to realize that the decor in your home reflects your living style and your personality, so a crazy lamp on the desk can represent you much better than any conventional rule. It is important, however, to find balance so that a home doesn’t become too stale and boring or too busy and distracting.
Also, you can make DIY changes in your backyard, if you are into that kind of thing. You can check out these wood-working tools that can serve you for making DIY benches.
Goof around, search for things that will make your home shine again, and don´t forget to keep it real. You don´t have to spend huge amounts of money irrationally. Instead, plan your budget first, and then you can start making some big changes around the house.

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Comfort comes first – visually and physically
You can ask any designer out there, and every single one of them will agree that comfort does matter. It doesn’t matter what your own personal style is – whether you are elegant and sophisticated or casual and whimsica, or whether you are minimalist, eclectic, classic, bohemian, etc. – the most important thing is to make your home a comfortable place to live. A well designed home should be both comfortable and functional.
Little things make big a difference – invest in details
Accessories are a perfect way to tie in all decor together. They give that final touch to the whole home appearance. Accessorizing is another way to add your personal preferences to your space, as they often tell a story of where you have been and where your interests lie. If you are too shy to go for large amounts bold color, patterns or decor in your home, you can still create a vivid atmosphere with the accessories you choose.

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Lighting, lighting, lighting
Lightning is the factor that impacts the vibe of the room, or mood in the room so much, that if it is not perfect, it is wrong! Natural light is the best option, but when natural light sources are restricted there should be plenty of light sources. You should check your environment first. Are you in a large city, near a forest, or by the ocean?
Some homes will have more natural light than others, and the light in your home will change through the day. Spend the time in all the rooms of your home throughout the day, and you will realize where lighting needs to be improved. The right kind of lighting will add a glow and positive vibe to your surroundings.

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Use colors bravely
It is understandable why people avoid experimenting with the bright colors. It can turn into a disaster and sometimes your preferred color doesn't match to the rest of the surroundings. Plus, you can rarely find the perfect bright color. However, it is not impossible. If bright colors on the walls are too extravagant for you, shift to something smaller. Perhaps add a colorful lamp, then you can add a vase, or a blanket, or pillows to the larger areas. The color dramatically impacts your mood and can make your living space happy and energetic.
Remember to have a lot of fun while implementing these pieces of advice, as that is the whole point. Change your home because you like to, not for others. Invest yourself in every little step of home recreation, and you will be surprised to find how creative you are. Look for the meanings of the colors, buy beautiful flowers, move the furniture to feel the energy flow, and have a great time.
Are you excited about your home recreation? Do you find these ideas helpful? What is the first thing you would change? Let us know in the comments!

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