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Natural or Artificial Rattan – What to Choose?

Jul 3, 2022by Guest Blogger

Rattan furniture has been popular for centuries. Armchairs and sofas of openwork weaving have always been considered the privilege of aristocrats and are quite expensive. With the development of international trade, wicker furniture became available to the masses. And thanks to technological progress, polyrattan products have also appeared on the market.

rattan furniture

In this article we will compare what to choose: natural outdoor furniture or artificial outdoor furniture made from rattan. It is a material that is peeled and dried stems of calamus, or rattan palm – a tropical plant that grows in Southeast Asia. Now it’s grown also in Malaysia and Indonesia thanks to the unique climatic conditions.

This is a plant with "climbing" stems that reach for the light and capture every free patch of ground. The length of these stems reaches, at times, 300 meters. Local residents have long learned to use this plant material to their advantage. Sheds, houses, household items and, of course, furniture both indoor and outdoor are made from rattan. So let the journey in search of the best outdoor furniture begin!

Benefits of Natural Rattan

  • Environmental friendliness. The natural origin of natural rattan is plants, so you can enjoy absolute ecological purity.
  • Despite its apparent fragility, the material is quite strong. For example, the chair can withstand a load of up to 100 kg.
  • The products are lightweight and allow you to move them without much effort. A great option for a country house or cottage. In good weather, you can easily take out the furniture on the veranda and soak up the comfort under the warm sun.
  • With proper care, it retains its flawless appearance for up to 20 years.

Here are some basic recommendations:

  • It is necessary to follow a number of simple rules that apply to all wooden products.
  • Do not over water, furniture may swell and warp. Of course, nothing will happen immediately. But if it is out in the rain on a regular basis, then, in the end, this will happen.
  • Do not use household chemicals to remove dirt. Problem areas can be rubbed with a soft brush dipped in soapy water. Then wipe dry after rinsing.
  • Store in a dry, warm place. Do not install near heating appliances, as the furniture will dry out and crack. Do not leave outdoors, especially in winter. Favorable temperature for preservation is from -2 degrees to 40 degrees C.

What Is Artificial Rattan?

Artificial rattan is a synthetic material manufactured by extruding a mix of polymers and rubber and looks like a ribbon or cord. In western countries it’s well-known under the brand name Hularo. It’s just a popular brand but its name has stuck to the material, much like we've come to call copiers Xerox machines.

artificial rattan

As often happens, polyrattan was invented for completely different needs, but found a worthy application in the furniture industry. Over the years of research, it has been possible to significantly improve consumer qualities. The material turned out to be durable, resistant to high humidity, temperature extremes and ultraviolet radiation. This made it possible to produce durable outdoor and garden furniture.

Benefits of Artificial Rattan

  • Environmental friendliness. Harmful impurities are not used for production, which means that we can say with confidence that the material is absolutely safe for health.
  • The plastic tape does not stretch and has a large margin of safety. Due to this, weaving is able to withstand high loads.
  • It weighs a little more than natural rattan due to the metal frame. Tables and chairs are more stable. Can be safely used in open areas without fear of blowing away in windy weather.
  • Due to the high resistance to external influences, artificial rattan furniture remains visually attractive for a long period, up to 30 years.
  • Easy care. The furniture is absolutely unpretentious and does not require any special care. You can relax and enjoy life.


So which is really better: artificial or natural rattan?

If you want harmony with nature - choose natural rattan. Yes, you will have to monitor the condition of the furniture, but it's worth it if that's your preference. If you prefer carefree comfort, choose artificial rattan.

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