Guest Blog: Kitchen Design Trends Expected for 2019

Dec 26, 2018by Jenny Zhu
The end of 2018 is fast approaching, especially for the fast-paced world of kitchen design. Latest trends come and go, and it’s tough to keep track of what’s in or out. Nowadays, the best thing to do to be kept in the loop is to be ahead of the curve.  
Take a look at these kitchen trends that are expected to become a hit in the upcoming year.

Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

A Splash of Color
For years, the color white has been one of the most popular colors for the kitchen. It gives the room a clean and fresh feeling that provides residents with an energising sensation the moment they step inside. For 2019 though, it’s time for all-white kitchens to step down and add a dash of color to the place.
While white remains prominent in kitchens, 2019 is all about adding splashes of color ranging from neutrals such as oak, petrol green, or charcoal, to vibrant and bold colors like cobalt blue, deep red, forest green or other dark and intense tones.
You will soon see these colors more on accent walls, cabinetry, tiles, and other design elements such as vases and flowers.
Dark Colors, especially black, are especially proving to be popular in counter tops. Choosing black granite and quartz for kitchen counter tops are becoming all the rage since it can complement almost any color scheme. Of course, other dark colors such as dark browns and grey could work as well.
Meanwhile, a nature-inspired color palette is also emerging as a popular trend for 2019 as it can create a rustic and vintage charm to a modernized setting. Create a combination of two warm earthy accents for a beautifully designed two-toned kitchen.

Kitchen appliances

No more Stainless Appliances
Appliances made from stainless steel are one of the most sought after by people due to its durability and easy-to-clean benefits.  Their sleek appearance gives them the ability to coordinate effortlessly with any decor.
Nowadays, decorating your kitchen with the dull colored stainless appliances would date the room by a decade. Expect 2019 to have less stainless steel and more high style, rich-hued, and fancy finishes that would bring your kitchen to the future.

Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalist Aesthetic
2019 is all about decluttering and moving towards a less visually chaotic kitchen. A slow and quiet trend that has been gaining popularity recently is removing upper cabinets.
Upper cabinets tend to cast a shadow over counters to make the workplace seem smaller and darker than it actually is. With your upper cabinets gone, your ceilings would feel a lot taller, and counter tops will feel less cramped.
The downside is losing your upper cabinets would reduce valuable storage space. Less storage space gives you the chance to purge items in the kitchen you don’t really need. Whether it’s a small appliance that doesn’t work, utensils you don’t use or stored food past its expiration date, you’ll be able to get rid of them all. Meanwhile, stuff that you need could be stored somewhere else, or you can create storage places for them. Organization and creativity will be your best friend.

Smart Kitchen Appliances will be big in 2019

Smart Kitchen
While the kitchen could be designed however you want it, remember that the primary objectives of the kitchen are to be functional and practical, which is why smart kitchens have become a trend for 2018 and are expected to continue on in 2019.
You can expect more technology developed and used for the following year, as there are already modern kitchen appliances with high-tech features such as home assistants Alexa and Google Home, which became such a huge hit since they can help activate and manage your kitchen appliances.

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