Guest Blog: How to Use Free Spaces at Home for Relaxation

Jan 15, 2020by Jenny Zhu
Living in a fast-paced society and watching the world pass you by in a blur – it is no wonder that numerous people now suffer from more stress-related ailments and anxiety disorders. Things used to be harder in one sense but easier in terms of stress and how it relates to deadlines. Now everything in your life was supposed to be done yesterday and it can be hard to get through each task. That is why it is extremely important to ensure that time is taken to relax, unwind and spend time with family and friends. This is how we recharge our batteries and get ready for another challenge – relaxation.

Relaxing at home

It can be hard to find the time to relax but it is something that you should schedule for yourself. Lacking a space to have a relaxing moment? What about those free spaces in your home? Why not use those as a relaxation area for not only yourself but other members of the household? There are ways to use free spaces at home for relaxation and today we are going to discover them.
Set the Colors Through Paint and Artwork
Now that you’ve discovered and decided what space you are going to utilize for your relaxation area, it is time to set the tone and the mood. If renovations need to be done, it is important to do them with relaxation in mind. For example, if you are painting this free space to spruce it up, then you want to choose bright but warm colors – colors that are inviting without closing in the space. Consider artwork that reflects your personality for the walls and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Look at different styles and mediums, such as mosaics, to showcase your own true self.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Get Smelly
Let the air also invite you in to relax in your new (previously free) space. Consider an essential oil diffuser to lightly coat the air with a relaxing scent. People enjoy lavender, chamomile or a scent that evokes memories – cinnamon, pumpkin, etc. These essential oil diffusers are the key object to make your house smell good.
Go Green
Another way to turn your free spaces within the home into an oasis of relaxation is to bring some of the outside in. Hang plants from the ceiling, place them on low-lying windowsills and display them around the room. Not only will this pleasantly scent the air, there is something about seeing a plant thrive under love and care that does the soul good.

Mood setting items

Clean Out
No, not cleaning (which should be done on a weekly basis anyway for hygienic reasons), but cleaning out. Declutter your free space to open the area and allow for movement. Remove anything that doesn’t belong in the room and donate it to charities, thrift shops or even have a yard sale.
Removing this clutter and having an open, inviting room is a balm to those suffering from anxiety. This space instantly relaxes them and allows them to declutter their minds with more ease -- either through a series of mental exercises or meditation.
Beloved Belongings
Although we just spoke about decluttering a room for relaxation purposes, it doesn’t have to be empty and cold! Instead surround yourself with beloved items. Are you a reader? Do you have a collection of books you would never part with but don’t know where to put them? Then display them in your new area. Seeing your beloved belongings on display will instantly lift your spirits and warm your heart.
If it's books or music records, choose handmade shelving (think wood pallets, etc.) to not only save money but also allow your creative side to shine. Display your objects with care and showcase your varied tastes in the genres.

Relaxing with music

Sounds of Calm
If you truly want to make your new space a relaxing haven – then install a speaker system or use a wireless Bluetooth model so that you can enjoy your favorite music while in the room. Use calming sounds or nature sounds to relax the body and mind. Or if you want to get out some frustration, then blast the rock classics and just dance. Not only will this release any frustration or tension, you’ll work up a good sweat.
There is no greater feeling than relaxing with your friends and family after a long stressful day and that feeling is intensified when you can do this at home. A person’s home is where they feel safe and comfortable, completely able to be themselves without judgement, and therefore relaxing is easier at home. Utilize those free spaces and open your mind to incorporating a meditation routine into your daily life for stress and anxiety relief.

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