Guest Blog: How to Incorporate This Season’s Trends Into Your Space

Jun 27, 2018by Jenny Zhu
It can be overwhelming when new trends appear and you have to think about ways to update your living space. However, this season’s trends are fun, summery, and exciting, so it’s time to get experimenting! Below is an outline of some different ways you can keep your space on-trend this summer.

This season, don’t think minimalism because it’s all about embellishments and adding some texture to your home. This trend is great because it will give your space a relaxed, bohemian feel. You could try adding a fringed rug to your living room - this is a fun way to incorporate the trend without having to change too much about your living space. Another great option is to invest in some tasseled cushions to add a bit of interest to your sofa or chairs.

Decorative knobs

Dark Woods
Although a lot of this season’s trends are about bright colours and patterns, there’s still room for something sleek and stylish. The wood in your living space should stay dark and rich-toned this season to be on trend. However, getting new wooden floors might be a touch pricey so if you don’t want to go all out with the dark wood trend, you could simply try upcycling some of your existing furniture – one great way to do this is to add some interest to a cabinet or chest of drawers with a patterned doorknob.

Tropical Prints
Summer is definitely not the time for drab and dreary surroundings, so this brightly coloured trend will help you to get into the spirit of the season. Add some tropical patterns to your space and you’ll feel transported to a faraway jungle. A great way to incorporate the tropical trend into your living space is by adding a fun, printed throw. Or, if you fancy a change in your bedroom after this long, cold winter, get tropical with your bedding by choosing leafy patterns, or perhaps even a pineapple print.

Pastels for Summer

Ice Cream Colours
Ice cream shades have been a big fashion trend for 2018 but they are also making a claim on interior design this summer, and they’ll be sure to remind you of all your favourite flavours! If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try painting a feature wall in your living room in a lilac or coral shade? Or, if you don’t want something as permanent as paint, you could always accessorise in ice cream colours - a pistachio green vase is a great way to add a touch of pastel. If you want to add a few different ice cream shades to your space, make sure you keep a neutral background and let the pops of colour do the talking.


Houseplants don’t just look great, there is actually evidence that suggests they are good for your health. This season is the time to get in touch with nature and bring the outside world into your living space! There are loads of great ways to incorporate foliage into your home. Bigger plants are a great way to fill an empty corner and add some interest to the room. You could also try adding smaller plants to bookshelves and other surfaces to inject a fresh, green feel into your space.
It can be confusing when there are so many different trends to think about, but it’s always best to keep it simple and work with what feels right for you. Some of you may want to go all out and paint your space in completely new colours, whereas others might simply want to add a few new accessories to liven up your home. The upcoming trends are all exciting for this season, so it’s time to embrace summer and have some fun with them!

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