Guest Blog: 6 Various Ways to Use Marble in Your Home

Apr 24, 2019by Jenny Zhu
Marble is a naturally formed rock found in various parts of the world. Limestone and minerals specific to different regions will dictate the color and appearance of each individual stone.
Centuries ago, mankind developed a process to harvest this precious stone and take advantage of its natural beauty. Its beauty was initially appreciated as an artistic medium in making sculptures. Later, its viability as a building material was discovered.
In more recent times, it has been discovered as a beautiful and unique material for use in home design. Durable and long lasting along with a stunning, shimmering glimmer, marble can make a statement in any room. Here are six ways to incorporate this amazing precious stone into your home and enjoy its beauty for years to come.

Marble in Kitchen

In The Kitchen
Counter Tops:
 >Cut and polished in long slabs, it is the perfect material for seamless kitchen counter tops. Its durability and beauty make it a very popular kitchen installation or upgrade. The uniqueness of each different stone as well as all of the color variations will really make a kitchen pop as you pick out your specific, favorite design to add your own unique touch.
Back Splash:
 >Beautiful and easy to clean, it is the ideal natural stone for a great back splash. The resulting polished formation of this beautiful stone makes it nonporous so it won't allow anything to stain it. Clean-up couldn't be any easier than it is with this type of back splash.
Kitchen Floor:
 >Marble isn’t only beautiful, it’s also durable enough to walk on. Not only is it strong and long-lasting, the addition of this naturally formed stone as a kitchen floor will add a stunning look to your kitchen. One recent home design trend has the floors being a strikingly different color that any of the other tile making for a sharply contrasted bold statement. You can use tiles or the naturally shaped slabs for the flooring or you can mix it up and create an entirely different design scheme to suit your own tastes.

Marble Slab

 >You can even have a custom-made sink to further accentuate the overall look of the amazing material. It could either match the existing color and style scheme or it could be an added splash of color.
In The Bathroom
 >You can design a strikingly beautiful vanity for your bathroom with marble. It can either match any other colors in the room or stand on its own and make a statement.
 >The beauty of it alone will make you want to have these individualized pieces of art as your bathroom shower walls. Each slab would have its own character while maintaining your overall color scheme. And, as with its many advantages in the kitchen, the ease of cleaning can't be matched by any other material. If you have a standing shower, you can even build a seat out of the same material for your added convenience.
 >Another great statement piece is a tub made out of stunning marble with your choice of brilliant designs and colors. This tub will add a timeless appeal to your bathroom.

Marble Slab

 >It works just as well on bathroom walls as it does with a kitchen back splash. You could use it on all of the walls or just make a statement with one or two walls. The durability of it will make it last forever and the beauty of it will make you want to keep it forever.
Marble is ideal for any type of flooring from the bathroom to the kitchen or dining room. Since the bathroom is a heavily traveled area marble flooring is a wonderful option. Not only will this naturally polished stone stay beautiful forever, it is practically impossible to stain. When using this material in your bathroom you can get just as creative with the floor design as you’d like. Mix the colors or the styles to enhance your own personal tastes.
The traditional luster of marble makes a bold statement at the front door in the foyer. A traditionally elegant look can be created with tiles or an even more bold, modern approach can be achieved with the slabs.

Marble Counter Top

A dining area can really shine with a polished, timelessly elegant floor accented with a plush area rug. Also another room prone to spills and stains, this surface will keep its original luster forever.
Hallways are a great place to utilize the natural formation of the cut of this stone. Irregularly cut slabs lining a hallway can make a nice contrast as well.
Both resilient and beautiful, the unique lines of this particular limestone formation make it perfect for the living room as well. Another high-use area in your home is your living room or family room, where there are limitless opportunities for design options for both tiles and slabs.
Whether you use it in its natural slab formation or use cut as tile, it will add a colorful statement to any wall in your home.
 >You can design a gorgeous accent wall in your home with marble. It’ll add an interesting focal point to your home and keep people’s attention.
 >Also, you can use it as a border trim around your entry door, either inside or outside to add a touch of timeless elegance to your entryway
 >Take advantage of the slab formation and use it to create a linear design on a large wall. You can play around with some design and color options to create something that is really one-of-a-kind.

Marble in home office

A truly stunning entryway can be even further enhanced by taking advantage of this gift from nature and use it to create a beautiful staircase. It can even be used for the banister posts and rails. Whether you are matching it to an existing theme or letting it stand for itself, a staircase constructed of this precious stone will add another timelessly elegant aspect to your home. Of course, you can play with the colors and designs as well to create your own unique look.
Interior Pillars
Keeping true to their original form, they are perfectly conducive to construct indoor pillars. A great way to add an elegant touch to any room, the unique features of each slab will mark a partition with style and taste while enhancing a little of this stunning masterpiece's history.
It's simply amazing how minerals and particles can settle into limestone over time and create something as wondrously beautiful as marble. Nature is truly awe-inspiring. Luckily, we have discovered it and have been able to harness its glorious appeal and make it into a surface that we can enjoy inside of our homes.

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