Fun on Set: "Bridgerton" Ushers In A Revitalized Decor Style... And we thank them!

May 4, 2022by Cathy Christino

Bridgerton inspired home decor - actors wearing comforter sets by Lush Decor

If you’re a Bridgerton fan, you’ve surely finished binging Season 2 and are wondering what new delights await in Season 3 (filming this summer). If you’re not a fan, you’ve no doubt heard about it and seen the wave of fashion trends that nod to this most romantic of styles. So, it may come as no surprise to you that this widely popular trend has extended itself into the home.

And that, dear reader, is where we come in! The over-the-top opulence of the Bridgerton set design has inspired a renewed interest in Regency decor (1811 – 1820). This new trend is called Regencycore and it’s the fancy-pants sibling of Cottagecore – think less pastoral and much more decadent and sophisticated. It’s defined by rich tones and textures layered with light creamy whites, champagnes, dusty pinks and powder blues (if you’re team Bridgerton) as well as citrusy lemons, limes, oranges and florals of all sorts (if you’re team Featherington).

Bridgerton style bedroom decor by Lush Decor

There’s been a rise of interest in vintage and second-hand furniture that fits right in with re-imagining Regency-era style. Like the series, you can take quite a bit of creative license to modernize this decor trend and make it your own. Flowing drapery and romantic bedding are easy finds as are vintage chandeliers and even caned furniture (hello, favorite TikTok DIY hacks!). Here are a few tips for every room to make this style all your own:

4-poster bed with bridgerton style decor


Create a visual feast with a sexy boudoir fit for a duke! Use your tufted headboard or tap into your inner Marie Antoinette and re-make a vintage find into a high-society masterpiece with a little bit of paint or even a trompe l’oeil. Dress it up with soft ruffled bedding layered with bold or dainty floral prints in soft pinks, blues and creams. Add lots of velvet and silk tasseled pillows for an opulent look. Set a classic scene by draping light-as-feather sheer curtains over a 4-poster bed – for additional whimsy, look for sheers with a delicate floral print.

Bridgerton inspired living room decor by Lush Decor

Living Room

The living room is the ideal place to mix those rich colors and textures with light and creamy fabrics. Luxurious velvet curtains edged in classic embroidery trim pattern and layered with sheers trimmed with silk tassels or pom poms and puddled on the floor give the living room an immediate Regency vibe. A cream-colored sofa paired with a round tufted bench or ottoman are modern touches that nod to classic style without overwhelming your space. Bring in some dreamy pastels and rich champagnes with velvet tufted pillows and soft throws. Give hand-carved furniture a make-over by painting it black or rich mahogany with a marbleized paint technique on the top – add classic gilded hand pulls (like these from for instant elegance. And don’t forget an elegant silver or white china tea set or all those afternoon teas you’ll be sure to throw in your new space.

opulent bathroom

Kitchen & Bath

While we don’t see much of the Bridgerton bath or kitchen, you can still pile on the opulence in these rooms with textures, ruffles and floral prints for windows and shower curtains. Floral wallpaper is just the right touch for any room and gold details and intricate molding can, and should, be used throughout to replicate the truest Regency-style. Accent with fabulous fresh flowers arranged in large bunches in silver vases and urns easily found in your local thrift store, at Goodwill or on eBay.

Whether you lean more towards the understated Bridgertons or the bold and (can we say?) bawdy Featheringtons, Regencycore is the decor world’s new go-to style for extravagance, regal charm and decadent eye candy. Have fun and here’s hoping your next project is gossip-worthy!

Models dressed in Bridgerton style Lush Decor Comforters

Need more inspiration? Watch our video below!


Editor’s Note: When we started writing about Regencycore, we knew we had so many Lush Decor creations that would totally bend to this trend. Our bedding has so many of the fashion details popular in this trend that we decided to have a little fun and dress up our models using our favorite Regencycore comforters. The colors and the textures strike the perfect blend of this romantic style. While we don’t recommend you wear your bedding to your next social gathering, we do encourage you to try it in your decor! Save 15% off our Bridgerton-inspired collection with coupon code BRIDGERTON.

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