Embrace The Space: Holiday Edition

Dec 8, 2021by Dana Dantoni

The holiday season is right around the corner, and you might be struggling to find a way to decorate your small space without adding clutter. We’ve come up with some styling tips on how to decorate and add joy for the holidays with the space available in your home.

small christmas decor

Downsize Your Tree

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you have to ditch the tree. Find a small tree that can fit on an end table in your bedroom or living room. You can even add a small tree to the counter in your bathroom or laundry room to bring in the holiday spirit.

Holiday wreath

Decorate Your Door

A fun styling idea is to decorate the outside of your front door. Add ribbon, lights, or a wreath for a festive touch to your home. It’s perfect if you do not have a yard to decorate with lights and holiday inflatables. Doing this will get you ready for this merry season without taking up all your floor and wall space in your home.

Small christmas display

Find a Corner

An empty corner is a great spot to add some festive decorations! Set up a small display of your favorite knickknacks. It’s perfect for garland and lights to add cheer to your space. You can also make this corner your spot to hang stockings and ornaments. Get creative!

lush decor holiday bedding bundle


One of the easiest ways to cozy up your home and make it more festive is with seasonal textiles. Try finding pillows that are seasonal yet transitional, so you can continue to use them when the holidays are over. Opt for a neutral colored faux fur throw blanket. Add a pop of color with window panels and shower curtains. Bring the holidays right into your bedroom with a cheery comforter or quilt set.

The goal is to invest in decorations that will do more than just take up space in your home. This will bring in the holiday cheer while keeping the clutter of extra decorations out.

holiday candle

Scented Holiday Candles

A great way to make your home feel like it is ready for this season is to invest in some holiday scented candles. They can be real or flameless. This does its job by bringing in the smells and creating the atmosphere of the holidays without cluttering your space. Surround it with garland or stick it in a lantern to create extra ambiance.

holiday lights

Add Lights

Take the lights inside and decorate your dark corners, mantle, windows, or ceiling with lights. This will create a cozy atmosphere while making you feel like you are ready for the holiday season. Your space will be ready for friends and family to come over to celebrate! 

Bonus Tip: 

Utilize any outdoor space you have. Whether you have railings, a porch, a balcony or just enough space for a door mat, these areas can make all the difference when it comes to maximizing the space you have. Use string lights, cold weather or faux plants, a seasonal door mat as mentioned or garland to complete your look!

Instead of feeling limited by your space, embrace it and find a new appreciation for your cozy home! Let us know in the comments below how you are embracing your space this holiay season! 

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