Decorating with Mustard Yellow

Apr 5, 2023by Cathy Christino

Lately, I’ve been using a lot of mustard yellow as a key home décor feature in rooms all over the house – from bedroom and living room to kitchen and bath – it’s even showing up in a lot of our outdoor design mood boards. It’s a warm, neutral that’s just as happy as an accent as it is the main attraction. 

Mustard Yellow Pillow Julie tassel

I love adding it to the mix in a bold boho bedroom to add extra personality while also adding a touch of calm to ground a colorful mix.  It’s extra moody when combined with deeper colors like teal, navy or charcoal and also brings tons of warmth and contrast to an all-white or earthy neutral canvas.

wall decor

If you’re looking to tone down some of the cool greys you’ve added to your home over the past decade or so but aren’t ready for a major brown-tone overhaul, start by bringing in a few decorative accents – a cluster of vases, some artwork or a lamp can all give you that warm sunny feeling without big commitment or expense. For a quick dash of mustard, dried or faux golden Craspedia Billy Balls are perfect for adding a bit of whimsy around your home.

If you’ve got a free weekend, DIY an accent wall, entry space or your front door for big impact.  I’m loving the organic feeling of paint colors with deep gold and amber tones like Spicy Mustard from Benjamin Moore. For a more unexpected look, try Mustard Field. It’s at the same time modern and retro, artsy and earthy.

chic and soft knitted throw blanket on couch

A mustard yellow decorative pillow or throw is a sophisticated, cost-effective and virtually commitment-free way to add mustard to your décor without going all in on overhauling your space. Check out our Chic and Soft Knitted Throw! In the kitchen, try counter stools or dining chairs upholstered in your favorite mustard hue to add that just-right pop your eating space needs to look chic and modern.

And, don’t forget your patio space!  A mustard color palette will fit right in with the great outdoors. Outdoor pillows and cushions might do the trick for you or you can step up your gardening game with some show-stopping outdoor planters like this super fun wavy-ridge planter from Wayfair.

Whether you go bold and bright or you want to keep it cozy and low-key, decorating with mustard is like adding a shot of happy to your nest.

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