Decorating an Interfaith Home for the Holidays

Nov 23, 2022by Alana Peace

It’s no secret that December is a time for holiday celebrations, family get-togethers, and plenty of gift giving. But how do you decorate for the holidays when you have two to celebrate? Check out these fun and festive tips to bring together the best of both worlds!

Hanukkah and Christmas decor

Before you get started, it’s important to think about any meaningful traditions that you still want to embrace. Combining holiday styles is unique to every household, so be sure to focus on what the holidays mean to you.

1. Hanukkah Themed Stockings

Hanging a row of decorated stockings above the fireplace is a classic Christmas tradition. But instead of red and green designs, try for a Hanukkah themed one! While available in stores, this could also be a fun DIY project.

2. A Christmas Themed Menorah


If you’re celebrating Hanukkah, you’re likely going to have a menorah to light on those eight nights. Rather than using traditionally colored candles, opt for Christmas colors instead, and scents like gingerbread, cinnamon or pine.

3. Blue & Silver Home Decor

Hanukkah Decor

When choosing the color palette for your seasonal look, consider featuring blue and silver. Not only are they quintessential Hanukkah hues, but they can also double as a winter wonderland style. For example, you can have royal blue decorative pillows and plush white throw blankets for a look that satisfies both sides. Take it a step further and bring these colors to your Christmas tree with blue and white ornaments or lights.

4. Get Creative in the Kitchen

Hanukkah Cookies

Every holiday party must have a hearty family meal. Combine holiday classics by whipping up a batch of latkes and cutting them into fun Christmas shapes like trees, candy canes or gingerbread men. You can also bake gingerbread or sugar cookies and decorate with Hanukkah colors and designs. 

Neutral Hanukkah

This holiday season you can use these little tricks to have a happy festive home featuring two special celebrations.

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