Teen Bedroom Makeover: How-To

Mar 30, 2022by Alana Peace

Decorating a teenager’s bedroom can be tricky. You want to find that perfect balance of sophistication and personality without compromising on style, functionality and most importantly, without breaking the bank. Here are a few ways to find inspiration when it comes to giving your teenager's bedroom a refresh!

Boho Macrame Textured Cotton Window Curtain


Between school, work and finding time to hang out with friends, teenagers need a bedroom that’s personalized for their busy schedules. Design a space with a dedicated area for studying and homework and then have a separate chill spot to wind down. Hanging a up a fun wall divider with macrame curtains as room dividers provides privacy and can help with productivity. You can also paint an accent wall to customize the side of the room with their workstation.

Bedding Bundle: Leah Quilt Set + Bella Comforter - King

Make it Modern

Without pushing your teen into adulthood too quickly you can introduce fashion-forward décor to enhance their taste and get them ready for a seamless transition into a more grown interior. From modern furniture to a cultured palette, these decorating decisions can help their bedroom go from looking too young to a bit more grown. A great place to start here is accenting neutral colored bedding with decorative pillows and throw blankets. If a pattern is more their style, give their bedding a makeover with a patterned comforter or quilt set paired with a solid blanket and throw pillows.

Teen bedroom

Pop Culture

It’s common for a teen to idolize their favorite musician or sports star. Rather than designing a full-on themed Hollywood bedroom, show tribute to their favorite pop culture references with wall art and subtle décor sprinkled about the room. This will show off their passion without overdoing it.

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Put Some Character Into It

This is the fun part! Meshing your teen’s passion into decorative style can be as creative or tasteful as you’d like. Paint a wall mural of their favorite destination or hang a gallery wall of memorable photos. Allow them to use decorative figures to reflect their personality and style into their room. After all, it is their space! 

Incorporating your teenager's personality into their bedroom will give their bedroom a comforting feeling and provide total individuality. Share your design style with us in the comments below! 

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