Brighten Your Bathroom with These 5 Shower Curtain Ideas

Aug 4, 2021by Kimberly Foerst
Now’s the perfect time to give your bathroom a refresh and brighten it up for the changing season. You don’t have to commit to a full bathroom remodel. Simply swapping your shower curtain is probably the easiest and least expensive way to makeover your primary bathroom or guest bathroom.
Once you choose the perfect shower curtain for your bathroom, you can decide whether you still need to make other small changes like changing out your bath or hand towels, or adding a new plant to the mix.
For now, let’s focus on how to select the ideal shower curtain for your bathroom refresh.
Farmhouse Boho Stripe Woven Tassel Yarn Dyed Cotton Shower Curtain
What color shower curtain should you choose?
If you don’t want to change everything in your bathroom, try to coordinate your shower curtain with a color that you’re already using in your bathroom, whether from your wallpaper or from a piece of art you have hanging, or your existing bath linens. A solid neutral color will work well in most cases, but a multi-colored shower curtain gives you the best chance of getting at least one color that actually matches the decor in your bathroom.
Boho Watercolor Border Shower Curtain
Should you go bold or minimalist?
Even in a smaller bathroom, a bold pattern can work. Don’t shy away from the pattern you love simply because your space is small. If you feel a more minimalist style is the way to go for your space, try adding a textured solid like a ruffled shower curtain or go with a traditional color block in neutral colors.
What size shower curtain do you need?
Most likely, a standard 72” width shower curtain. The length of most shower curtains available on the market are between 70 and 72 inches. If your bath is not unusually sized, these shower curtains should work for you as well. If you have high ceilings and put your shower curtain rod up higher, you may need a longer shower curtain. Measure from the rod down to the floor to get the length you need. The shower curtain should just brush the floor, it shouldn’t pool like a window curtain might.
Boho Pom Pom Tassel Faux Linen Shower Curtain
What if my style is eclectic?
You’re the best judge of what you like. Browse farmhouse style or boho style shower curtains if you tend to prefer those looks. But take a chance and break away to browse shower curtains in every style if you aren’t finding the perfect design. If you fall in love with a specific shower curtain design, and it might match well, you’ll be able to make it work in your bathroom.
Bohemian Meadow Shower Curtain 14 Piece Complete Set
What about the liner and rings?
You may find a complete shower curtain set with the liner and/or rings included, or you may need to purchase them separately. Even if you do find a complete set, you may want to get special decorative hooks or rings instead of the plain plastic rings that typically are included.
We hope this has inspired your inner designer and encouraged you to select the perfect shower curtain for a quick, easy and affordable bathroom refresh.

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