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Jul 14, 2021by Jenny Zhu
Walls are clearly an essential part of any room so it's important for your walls be a priority when decorating. There are many ways to decorate your walls- clocks, paintings, and mirrors are suitable to hang on your walls to add life to the space. Alternatively, adding shelving to your walls is the perfect way to add decor and texture to your walls without breaking the bank.  There are several floating shelf options, and we are here to walk you through those options and provide tips on how to navigate them. 
In the past, interior decorators have put large cabinets inside the rooms to provide storage space, but over the recent years shelves have appeared to replace the cabinets, as they are a less bulky storage option. Floating shelving specifically offers a less cluttered look while offering sufficiency and practical storage space.
Floating shelving in office
Tips for floating shelves:
1. Leave enough space: Leave space in the middle of the wall as the center point for the shelves.
2. Colors: Choose different colors for the room to be a source of interest and break the similarity barrier
3. Quantity: Choose the right amount of shelving for your space- if the wall is larger add several shelves, if it is smaller keep the shelving to a minimum
4. Materials: Choose solid wood with a high-quality to ensure the shelf lasts long
5. Don't leave it empty: Show books and sculptures to give it life!
You don't have to have decoration experience to choose wall shelves. You only need to choose your space and choose the look and decide what will best suit the room. Now let's walk through some floating shelves ideas:

Built in shelving

Built in Floating Shelves:
Have you thought about creating built-in shelves in the living room? The built-in shelves will add luxurious decor and touch to your home. Built-in shelves need pre-defined rooms so the wall is designed to accommodate the built-in shelves. It will allow you to choose a background wall design that differs from the room colors and as intended. Choose the area between the fireplace and the corner of the wall as the focal point for built-in shelves.
Floating Box Shelves:
Placing a shelf box in the office is a solution for organizing papers and books. You can place one large shelf box above the desk or you can gradually divide the shelves if needed. They should be installed tightly and choose the finest quality hardwoods due to their large size and weight.
Macrame Shelves:
Macrame was famous for its manufacture from sailors in the early days, but it has become a part of any embroidery work in our time. The principle of the work of the Macrame on the knots and the method of forming them so that there are many shapes of them. Macrame is combined with wooden panels to design shelves in a modern yet functional way. Putting a Macrame shelf on the wall will be his piece of art.
Full wall floating shelves
Full Wall Floating Shelves:
Whole wall shelving is one of the floating shelves ideas that many people are ignorant of. Leave all wall space for shelves and make it a very attractive piece of art for your living room. Complete wall shelves need a large room with space because it will cover a lot of them. If rooms are small, other shelving ideas are preferred to save room space. To design a wall of complete shelves, you should hire an interior design expert to take the full sizes and choose the appropriate one. 

cute shelves above a sofa

DIY Floating Shelves:
DIY is a method that most people resort to doing their work due to what they desire. One of those works is shelving due to its ease of operation. You don't need a lot of materials to make the shelves. The above-mentioned shelves can be made by yourself, you only need a design method, bring the necessary materials and tools, and the work can begin. There are many designs and suggestions you can find on the internet.
Set of floating shelves
Shelf Sets:
The floating shelf set is one of the most popular floating shelf ideas. This shelf collection is a great way to display books, personal photos, and decor. A choice of shelving group comes with three or more shelves and in both large and small sizes, they can be hung together. Installing takes no time and no experience to do so. 
Feel free to choose the best floating solid wood shelves for your home. We know that the smallest details can make a huge difference in a home's décor. It is preferred to advise and take the opinions of those with experience before purchasing or designing the shelves because they will give you the pros and cons of each shelf. Which floating shelf idea will you add to your walls?

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