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Vintage Style: How To Use This Trend in Your Interior

Apr 30, 2023by Guest Blogger

Vintage style for the interior is a modern design direction that fills the house with the warmth and comfort of antiques. Moreover, it always looks expensive. It is no coincidence that it owes its name to the lexicon of winemakers: old, noble and aged in special conditions wine is called “vintage”.

Vintage style for the interior involves the use of authentic, rare pieces of furniture, decor and accessories with history. Often all these things are unique, and therefore every vintage style setting can be very expensive. But today we're showing you how you can get the look for less.

vintage interior design

Choose accent items

If you want to start using vintage in the interior, but don’t know where to start, decide what exactly confuses you? If you're afraid to turn a space into an antique shop, start with a few items and arrange them throughout the space. For example, give an old chest of drawers a central place in the living room. Place a restored vintage armchair right along the axis of the entrance to the room so that you can see it every time you enter the room.

It's even easier to start with something you're not physically in contact with, like a chandelier, floor lamp, or wall lamp. Or order a flower vase in vintage style to put there absolutely gorgeous peonies – take one from peonies delivery Dubai. Flower vases made of glass always attract the eye, and this will also be an occasion to place flower arrangements at home more often. Who doesn't love flowers?

Vintage lighting items are often less replicated than they are now, and besides, they create the right accents.

Distribute little things

In a vintage setting, the main word still remains behind the small decor. To complete the interior in vintage style, you just need an abundance of knitted napkins and textiles, tablecloths and furniture covers, pillows and figurines.

Anything goes well here:

  • vintage dolls;
  • copper teapots;
  • old plates;
  • worn books in woven bindings;
  • mirrors in massive ornate frames;
  • porcelain trinkets;
  • black and white photos.

Vintage bedroom design

Add colors and prints

Vintage style in the interior suggests an abundance of floral prints intertwined with patterns, plants and trees, creating a special atmosphere for the home. Wallpaper and textiles with Chinese and Japanese patterns look good: birds, butterflies, plant branches. The color scheme is sustained in calm, muted tones. In addition to milky and beige shades, there are often pale gray, pale lilac, and pale pink. Professionals recommend making a bright accent either on furniture or on the walls.

Refurbish furniture

Furniture should bear the imprint of history, so if any of the favorite and necessary items frankly doesn’t want to fit into the decor, it is worth working on it a little. Try to create light scuffs, change the handles or apply the decoupage technique – in general, put a little of your soul into the thing and it will certainly become an interior decoration.

Consider right lighting

The lighting of a vintage interior shouldn’t be too bright and very warm. It's good if you make it multi-level. You can illuminate the room with table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers imitating candelabra, or in general, candles in candlesticks. Lampshades, if any, on lamps should be made of fabric, and frames should be made of noble metal. Moreover, for the convenience of fitting into the interior in a vintage style, it is better to initially patinate these parts of the lighting fixtures: give the bronze a greenish tint and elegantly darken the copper. Faceted crystal pendants are used to decorate the designs of chandeliers and lamps. The refracted and widely scattered light in them will add a kind of chic to the vintage atmosphere.

Today, many people are attracted to the vintage style, despite the wide variety of other trends in interior design of both a large house and a small apartment. By choosing this style in decor, you can diversify the interior, using the unlimited imagination of the authors of the project. Vintage is not a collection of old junk. This is, first of all, the ratio of colors, shapes, proportionality in the size of objects, harmonization of the room and an atmosphere filled with comfort, peace and fabulous mood.

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