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Updating Your Home's Porch for Spring

Mar 23, 2022by Guest Blogger

Spring is the time to refresh the things in your life, and with the weather getting nicer, it is the perfect time to update your home’s porch. It is the first thing people will see when they visit you, so having an updated, refreshed look to it will improve your curb appeal and make your home look more inviting. In this article, we will look at some ways you can update your home’s front porch this spring.

Flowers on a front porch

Add Flowers

Nothing says spring like some fresh flowers. You can add hanging flower baskets or flowerpots to the porch that match the rest of your decor. The great thing about flowers is the varieties and colors, so you can match your flowers to your house colors with ease.

If you already have hanging flower baskets or flowerpots, you can replace them if they are starting to look old or if you are changing your color scheme and they no longer match or paint them to give them a new look. One creative thing you can try is making faux stone flowerpots or planter boxes. That will give you a more unique addition to your porch, and it is easy to do.

stone planter

Get a Spring Wreath

Putting a wreath on your door can brighten up the porch and give your door some depth and texture. There are many wreaths you can buy or make on your own to give your porch a fun spring feeling.

Spring Wreath on Front Door

Replace Your Doormat

How long have you had your current doormat? It is constantly being stepped on and having muddy shoes wiped on it, so it is probably time you got a new one. You can get ones for each holiday or season, giving you something that is easy to change to keep your porch looking great.

You can also add a small, patterned accent rug to the porch and layer it under your doormat to bring a little more character to the porch.

Get a Porch Swing

If you have the space for it, a porch swing is an excellent addition to a porch. Imagine yourself sitting on that swing, admiring your updated porch, and watching your dog play in the yard. It is a relaxing picture.

stone designs on front entryways

Install Faux Stone

One great way to update your front porch is to install faux stone around the door. It can frame the door or add subtle accents to it, but it adds a unique feature to your porch that not many other homes have. It is also affordable and DIY-friendly, so you can install it yourself.

Add a Shoe Mat

Spring usually means rain, which means mud. If you want to keep the mud out of your home, you can add a cute shoe mat to the porch where people can leave their muddy shoes before coming inside.

Update Your Lighting

Light fixtures are often overlooked, and there is a good chance yours have been the same since before you bought your home. They are an easy and affordable way to update your porch for spring. You can find some cute light fixtures at any hardware store, and you will be surprised how big of a difference something as simple as new lighting will make to your front porch.

Repaint the Front Door

A new coat of paint can truly make anything look fresh and new. Since spring is here, pick out a new paint color for your front door and give it a fresh coat. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference painting the door will make. It can be coordinated with the colors of your flowers, or anything else in your color scheme, tying everything together beautifully.

You can also replace your front door with a completely new one if you want to change things up more. This is relatively inexpensive to do and can change the look of your entire porch.

Get a New Doorknob or House Numbers

The doorknob and house numbers are another set of often overlooked features that you can use to upgrade your porch this spring. Find a new doorknob that matches your look and some house numbers that go with your theme and style. You can find everything you need at a hardware store, or you can go antiquing to find your new doorknob and numbers. If you have kids, this can be a fun project to enlist their help in, too; since it is easy to do, they can feel like they are making a major contribution to the house.

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Auz Burger is a freelance writer and an expert in faux stone and brick veneer and home DIY projects. She has a BA from Washington State University and has been writing and editing professionally for over a decade.

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