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Reasons Why You May Need To Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets for a Modest Refreshing Look

Aug 16, 2023by Guest Blogger

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, as it is where people spend a significant amount of time cooking, dining, socializing, and entertaining guests. As such, it is essential that the kitchen be both functional and reflective of the various ways in which it is used. Your kitchen needs change over time, and it may become necessary to upgrade or replace kitchen cabinets in order to ensure that the kitchen continues to meet the evolving needs and desires of its inhabitants.

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Deciding to upgrade the cabinets of your kitchen is a smart move since they are the most visible part of your kitchen. It is most likely that some kind of kitchen upgrade will be an important part of re-modelling, whether you are thinking of a complete kitchen redesign or a modest refreshing look for the interiors. Therefore, in addition to improving aesthetics, installing new cabinets rather than just replacing the doors will help address issue including a lack of kitchen storage and awkward layouts.

Less kitchen storage space

If you have to keep sauce bottles, rolls of paper towels, and jars on your kitchen counter top then probably your cabinets in the kitchen are not sufficiently doing their job. Your worktops should be clean and free of any clutter with room for food preparation. It should have only the most essential small appliances, such as a toaster or coffee machine. If you find yourself stacking boxes and packets on top of your cupboards, you surely need more kitchen storage.

Even though you might not have enough space for new kitchen cabinets, there are some chic options for cabinets that might help you make the most of the current space you have.

Some options include:

  • Increasing your upper cabinets' height.
  • Switching the bottom cabinets for deep drawers.
  • Adjusting the inner shelves for more space to store jars, bottles, and paper towels.

Flimsy material or damaged cabinets

Kitchen cabinets made of cheap composite material do not usually last long. You will have to replace them or else there could be more problems with the cabinets in future. Structural damages also cannot be repaired and you need to invest in getting a replacement. Get a contractor to check your cabinets to know what you need to deal with.

Basic or old-fashioned cabinets

Kitchen storage and cabinets have undergone a significant transformation from their earlier counterparts. The simple, limited capacity cabinets of the past are no longer sufficient for contemporary kitchens. If you currently have basic or outdated kitchen cabinets, it may be time to consider upgrading to modern, custom storage solutions that offer a range of innovative features to meet your specific needs. Choose from a variety of options to create a kitchen that truly meets your requirements.

  • Built-in racks.
  • Spice racks.
  • Glass display cabinets.
  • Wine racks.
  • Spacious drawers for baking sheets hidden under your cabinets.
  • Cabinet doors that close silently and softly.

No space for food preparation and new gadgets

There have been significant changes in kitchen appliance standards. For this, you need to make space in your kitchen and change your kitchen cabinets.

  • Replacing the top freezer with a more spacious and taller model with a bottom freezer.
  • Installing a double-door refrigerator to reduce the amount of cabinet space.
  • Having an electric stove for easy cleaning.
  • Installing a dishwasher for better convenience and a modern look.

Your kitchen might have enough space for these appliances but still, replacing the cabinets is often necessary to ensure a precise fit and a refined look.

There should also be enough space on your countertop for food preparation, which is usually missing in the older kitchen. A huge sink, odd placement of the stove, huge microwave, and other appliances take up enough counter space.

  • Install a smaller sink.
  • Add an open cabinet for your microwave.
  • Add cabinets with extensible countertop features.

These features can make your food preparation space two times or even three times bigger than the earlier design.

There are many reasons for upgrading your cabinets in the kitchen. As your lifestyle changes, your home and kitchen also change which means modifying and upgrading your kitchen cabinets.

To wrap it up, changing your cabinets with modern and innovative designs is often the best choice as it can solve many issues from aesthetics, logistics, bad odour, and safety concerns.

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