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Lighting Trends for 2023

Dec 21, 2022by Guest Blogger

2023 is almost here, and we all know that it's time to look into how the lighting trends will shape your home. The lights are becoming increasingly popular, and people are going for the "modern" lighting designs and the right electrical wires rather than just putting up some bulbs. 

Lighting in Kitchen

Everyone loves to live in a house that looks nice. And why not? It's a big part of your identity and whimsy, lighting up your life with pretty colors and designs. Lighting trends matter when it comes to the aesthetics of your home, which is why we're here to share our ideas with you.

Best lighting trends for 2023:

1. Lighting Fixtures Made with Natural Materials such as Wood or Jute

 The use of natural materials in lighting fixtures is on the rise. In fact, many designers are incorporating more organic forms into their designs to create a more natural feel. The use of wood, jute, and other natural materials can help create a warm atmosphere that is warm and welcoming.

Wood Lighting

The use of these materials also helps to create an authentic look. These materials lend themselves to creating pieces that are not only beautiful but also functional as well. Using natural materials also allows for a more sustainable approach, which is becoming more important as we try to reduce our environmental impact.

2. Minimalist Lighting Designs Will Be Popular

Minimalist lighting designs will be popular in 2023. The trend was already popular in the early 2000s and has continued to catch on in recent years. Minimalist lighting is a style that uses few if any, lights. It can include a single bulb or multiple bulbs, but the goal is to create a soft glow that casts shadows and gives the illusion of more light than there really is.

Minimalist lighting can be used for either indoor or outdoor spaces, but it’s particularly suited for large rooms like living rooms and family rooms. 

Kitchen Lighting

Minimalist lighting is also ideal for kitchens because it doesn't require additional fixtures like chandeliers or pendants that could block cooktops or other room areas.

Minimalist lighting is also available in different shapes, such as square, rectangular, circular, and other shapes. You can use different shades to match your furniture or wall color. They are easy to install, and they don't need a lot of maintenance.

3. Brightly painted lanterns and Oversized pendants will be a new trend

Brightly painted lanterns and Oversized pendants will be a new trend. These lanterns will come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors to match any home décor. They are sure to be a popular choice for any event or party.

Pendant Lighting

Lanterns can also be used as a stand-alone lighting piece or hung from the ceiling. You can hang them from a beam or an electrical cord, making them very versatile.

The possibilities are endless for using these beauties in your home!

4. The growing trend of free-form metal shapes

The Lighting trend for 2023 is all about free-form metal shapes. These include everything from a simple, but elegant chandelier to a bold, modern pendant lamp.


This trend is also an extension of the current metal trends that we're seeing in home décor. The look is very organic, but with a touch of industrial chic.

5. Lighting fixtures in industrial style

Lighting fixtures in industrial style is a trend that will be popular in 2023. Industrial-style lighting fixtures are classic, reliable, and affordable. You can use them to create a contemporary look or a more traditional feel.

The best industrial-style lighting fixtures are designed to blend with their surroundings. They are often available in different finishes, including brushed nickel and polished brass, which can be used to create the perfect finish for your home.

Industrial Lighting

Industrial-style lighting fixtures are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, making it easy to find one that fits your space perfectly. They also come in many different shapes and sizes so that they can work well in both small spaces as well as larger ones.

6. LED Sculpture Lights

The use of LEDs in sculpture lighting is a growing trend that many artists and designers have embraced. These modern lights can be shaped into any shape, allowing them to be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. They are also bright enough to light up large areas, making them ideal for interior design.

LED Rainbow Light

Lighting sculptures are a great way to add an element of whimsy to any room or garden. They can also be used as a focal point for photo shoots or events, providing a unique background for your images.

This lighting trend is particularly popular with boho-style gardens, where natural elements such as stones and driftwood are often incorporated into the design.

7. Natural and Raw Textures

The natural and raw textures of lighting are the perfect backdrop to any design. This is a trend that will be moving forward in the next couple of years as designers continue to embrace this natural look for their projects.

Natural Lamp

The natural look gives a clean, simple, and modern look to your space. Natural textures can also work well with various colors and styles, so you can have a cohesive design that works together and looks great!

And that is what the latest trends are in regards to Lighting development. Lighting is becoming increasingly popular, and people are interested in improving their interior lighting every day. We can't say how much of this will still be accurate in one year, but a lot of these features and concepts will likely be very relevant for a long time to come.

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