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How to Add Pops of Color in Your Home for a Quick Spring Refresh

Mar 13, 2024by Guest Blogger

Spring is the season of growth and new life, so doesn't it make sense to refresh your home, too? The typical colors of spring are bright and airy. Since many houses lean into neutral decor, there are only so many chances for you to use these shades throughout the year. However, simple suggestions can have you tapping into the bright pops of color that will make guests and family members marvel at your design expertise.

Add Some Plants

One of the easiest ways to bring the fruits of the season inside is to add plants. They don't necessarily have to be flowering to be beautiful, though the blooms can add more color to your space. A lovely, natural green plant can play off any cooler tones in your room.

It's not just for aesthetic purposes: Being around nature can decrease stress and improve focus, allowing you to bring the best of yourself to every moment. Research to find the best plant for your lifestyle, considering how responsible you are with regular watering and if certain species are toxic to pets.

How to Add Pops of Color in Your Home for a Quick Spring Refresh

Put up a Mirror

If you already have springtime colors in your home and don't want to budget for more decor, lean into the reflective traits of mirrors. Placing one on the wall lets light bounce around your room, making it feel more open. It can also give the illusion that there's more color than there actually is. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, so you'll definitely find one that fits your aesthetic and settles into your space well.

Set up Seasonal Decor

Whether you celebrate a spring holiday or just like the turning of the seasons, you can decorate for spring. Fresh-cut flowers from your garden or a local florist can be a great way to brighten your home temporarily — and you can continue to get beautiful florals all season long. You might also have some hand-me-down decorations from generations past to add a traditional yet heartwarming flair to your house.

The home decor market is expected to grow by more than 5% annually, proving that decorations are essential to any household. You can make the most of your spring decorations by picking ones full of color and life. Consider shopping around for the best deals if you're on a budget. You're bound to find some seasonal decor you'll love and can start your collection from there.

How to Add Pops of Color in Your Home for a Quick Spring Refresh

Deck Out Your Windows

Your windows deserve to be as beautiful as the rest of your home. While they typically allow you to see outside or let the cool spring breeze in, you can also adorn them in soft colors that match the rest of your decor, seasonal or not. Opt for bright pastel curtains to signal the coming of the season and all the lovely tones that accentuate it. You may even find a few patterned curtains that add intricacy to your living room without overpowering the rest of your design.

Paint an Accent Wall

Many people don't think of painting as decor, but a fresh coat of paint in some areas of your home can work wonders for a dull house. Some folks even paint their front doors different colors depending on the season. While that might be too great of a commitment, opting for a splash of color on the wall can brighten up any room and help you feel as fresh as spring year-round.

Painting a wall has several benefits, but starting fresh without cleaning them isn't a good reason to make an accent wall. Don't just paint to cover stains. You can wipe them away with a mixture of dish soap and water, which will keep your walls clean when you change their colors. Painting one wall only means you will have little to clean. It'll add a spark of life to an otherwise drab space.

Swap Out a Rug

While you may typically have a neutral-toned rug that can go with any furniture and decor, spring is the time to lean into brighter colors that make you happy. It might be time to add a colorful rug that might not exactly match — but it's springtime, so the bright hues will show off your festive side.

You might not have a colorful rug at the ready to swap out. Luckily, you can find good-looking rugs that match your decor without breaking the bank. Online and in-store retailers can furnish your house with rugs that keep your feet warm and add a splash of springtime color to the rest of your decor. Bring a picture of the room to stores so you can look around and find the best fit for your home.

Hang Spring-Themed Art

Do you have any photos you frequently swap out? Consider having a seasonal frame somewhere common, like an entryway space, where you can place different pictures every few months. You can even store them behind one another, so changing something out for the season only takes a few seconds. For example, a beach picture could be your go-to in the summertime, but an image of flowers from your garden could be the spring show-off.

Otherwise, lean into elegant pictures created by artists in your community. Art can be more inspiring than you might think. The right artwork can inspire empathy toward others and help you live a healthier, happier life. Support local artists by commissioning them for something unique or buying their work. Your home will feel that much more special as a result.

Throw in Some Decorative Pillows and Blankets

If you have neutral furniture, you know pops of color typically come from small decor. Add colorful pillows and blankets to lean into the spring theme without dragging in new furniture. An expertly draped throw can add a waterfall of color to your couches. Complementary cushions can also bring out more tones in the room while adding more color. It's a perfect option for a festive springtime in a more neutral home.

How to Add Pops of Color in Your Home for a Quick Spring Refresh

Use Fun Lighting Options

Playing with lighting is a fun way to customize your home. Add some excitement by placing color-changing lightbulbs in your floor lamps. You can control the color through an app on your phone or a remote, allowing you to change the atmosphere at will. Switching lighting colors might also affect someone's mood. For example, red light makes you tense and less relaxed, whereas yellow light promotes cheerfulness. Plus, certain lights can enhance some of your decor.

Upgrade Your Home This Spring

How you decorate your home is up to you, but after a long winter, you deserve to bring the brightness of spring into all your spaces. These permanent and temporary techniques can add new colors to your house that you can work with in several ways. Whether you replace your pillows every month or create an accent wall that can go with year-round decorations, you'll find beautiful ways to let your home's inner beauty shine while embracing your favorite colors.

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