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Designing A Flipped Home

Apr 12, 2023by Guest Blogger

House flipping is a wonderfully exciting adventure involving all types of skills, many of which you can teach yourself or learn along the way. These types of projects are engaging and can be a great income source.

Living Room

Some flips are cosmetic, leaving the home's structure as-is and updating old flooring, cabinets, paint and lighting fixtures. IN other cases, house flipping can involve more work on the home's structure. A popular reason for structural work is taking an older-style home with many small rooms and creating a more modern, open floor plan. Both methods of flipping homes involve interior design to create a welcoming space for potential buyers. 

Below are some primary considerations when designing a house to flip so you get the most from your investment. 

Room-By-Room Styling Ideas

Interior design is a very personal endeavor. However, there are ways to create a neutral space that feels welcoming while still allowing potential buyers to picture themselves in the space. here are some best practices for creating the most buyer-friendly space for each month.

living room seating

Living Room

For the purpose of house flipping, you want to create a blank canvas that potential buyers can see themselves personalizing. 

One of the easiest things you can do to bring vibrancy and add value to your house-flipping efforts is to include houseplants when you're staging your home.

Paint color can be an intensely personal preference. If you have strong opinions on what you'd choose for your own space, remind yourself that the idea is to create a neutral space where other people can picture themselves living. Sometimes strong colors can be overwhelming, preventing potential buyers from feeling like they can make the space their own. The best choices for house flipping are light neutrals or even soft white. These colors will showcase the space, bring more light into each room, and let your viewers imagine what they can create to make them feel at home. 

living room


The best practices for designing bedrooms are similar to living rooms. Stick to airy, neutral colors, and add a potted plant or two for a homey touch. Bedrooms are also fantastic for built-in or standalone bookshelves, especially if the bedroom is smaller ad could be meant for a child's room. 

neutral bedroom


Kitchens are where a lot of the house-flipping action takes place. Interior design for the kitchen is where you can shine, bringing new life into a dated or worn-out space. There are a few key things in mind for home flipping when it comes to kitchens: 


  • Contemporary Style- Keeping your vintage style can be a great design element especially in older character homes, However, most potential buyers will want modern features in a kitchen. You can keep some of the original styles but be sure to incorporate contemporary themes into your overall design. 
  • Replace Old Appliances- Shiny, new appliances are a huge selling feature. Make sure to invest in the best appliances and have them installed and tested before a home inspection. Checking them is part of an inspectors list!
  • Replace Or Repaint Kitchen Cabinets- If you're updating relatively modern cabinets with a new color or finish, repainting them can be a great option to save money. Older cabinets should be replaced since they are significant factor in making your kitchen feel contemporary. 
  • Use Tech Where Possible- It might not make sense for you to invest a ton into a whole smart home system if you're not sure it'll be a selling feature that will yield a return. However, there are smaller ways to incorporate tech into your home flip to wow potential buyers. LED undercabinet lighting with motion sensor scan be inexpensively purchased on Amazon and installed yourself. 
  • Good Lighting- Lighting can change the whole feel of a room, taking it from small and dingy to bright and cozy. Pay attention to the scale of the light fixtures you choose. Larger spaces need larger or more light fixture to provide enough brightness. 



Similar to kitchens, investing time and energy into your bathrooms during a home flip can provide a great return when it’s time to put your house on the market. Use the list below to create a bathroom with an upscale vibe to wow potential buyers.

  • Invest in good shower fixtures – Plumbing is not the place to scrimp. There’s a good reason some plumbing fixtures are cheap, and others are significantly more expensive. There’s no need to go all out on luxury fixtures, but finding a middle ground will reassure potential buyers that you invested in quality products.
  • Install good lighting – There’s nothing worse than dingy bathroom lighting. It makes doing things like putting in contacts or applying makeup more difficult, and it can make the space seem less clean.
  • Install a bathtub if there’s space – Installing a separate bathtub and shower is a nice upgrade to a bathroom if you have the room. This
  • Mirror- As far as mirrors go, the bigger, the better in a bathroom. You'll increase the room's functionality while making it appear bigger and brighter.

Styling The Exterior

Exterior design is immensely important to boost your home’s curb appeal once it’s listed for sale. Below are the major elements of exterior design to help you knock your home flip out of the park.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Most homes have a light or two near the front door, but adding exterior lighting under the eaves or along the porch immediately lends an upscale feeling to a home. Another impactful touch is to install a landscaping light that accents a feature in the front yard, like a beautiful old tree or decorative boulder.

Add A Fence Or Screen For Privacy 


It can be daunting for potential new buyers to think about moving into a new, unfamiliar community. You can reassure them by giving them privacy with a screen or privacy fence in the backyard.

Garden Furniture

Staging your garden will help make your outdoor space attractive to potential buyers. Look for an inexpensive or mid-range price point for a patio or garden set. You’ll be amazed at the reactions you get when you host an open house.


Create A Walking Path

A charming walking path is an easy way to add an element of whimsy to your yard. With an afternoon of work and a small load of gravel or mulch, you’ll wind up with a beautiful garden path to add value to your exterior design.

Structural Improvements To Consider

Making more considerable changes can be a great way to dramatically increase home value. Finishing a basement, adding or combining rooms, or creating a more open floor plan are all wonderful ways to make a big splash.

living space

For this kind of improvement, consider working with licensed pros so your flipped home will pass a home inspection with flying colors.


The last thing you want after your home flip is for a home inspector to recommend that you need to tear out walls to upgrade or fix plumbing. Make sure you consult with a plumber right from the start of your project to keep things running smoothly. 


Electrical System

Older homes may need more significant electrical upgrades to bring the wiring to code, or it could be as simple as adding GFCI outlets near water sources. Either way, a licensed electrician will be able to make recommendations.


Your HVAC system is likely to be a focus for potential buyers, not to mention a home inspector. Taking the time to make repairs or upgrades where needed will help to avoid headaches when it’s time to sell.

Work With The Right Team

contractor team

When it comes to plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and other skilled trades areas, it’s critical to choose the right team. Not all contractors are equal, and it’s important to the success of your flip to choose the best home contractor.

Hire A Professional Interior Designer If Needed

Working with a professional residential interior designer or home staging company is a great way to give your flip that extra polish and sparkle to attract the right buyers. Research local designers in your area or choose a virtual home designer. They work from photos and layouts to create a beautiful design, then order items and ship them to you.

House Construction Work

House flipping can be a rewarding and lucrative endeavor, and making the space look as attractive as possible can yield excellent results. Interior design and staging could make all the difference between a mediocre return and a result that’ll inspire you to flip another home, so make sure to set yourself up for success.

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