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Coastal Home Décor Trends and Ideas

Aug 30, 2023by Guest Blogger

A common part of the dynamic millennial lifestyle is taking fun trips to the beach with friends. Beach trips can be one of the most relaxing vacations you can take, and there's no one stopping you from bringing that feeling of comfort with you.

A coastal home decor style evokes that liberating feeling of lounging on the shore during long, relaxing summers. Unsurprisingly, many opt to redesign their homes to fit such a vibe. If you're working with an interior designer, specify that what you're going for is coastal.

A common mistake is using the terms "coastal" and "nautical" interchangeably. But, the fact is they evoke their own unique moods and atmospheres. Coastal designs lean more towards life on the beach, with more earthy tones, jute fibers, and breezy linen.

Coastal Cowgirl

4 Coastal Home Design Trends

If you want to adopt a coastal design for your home but don't know where to start, here are four ideas you can take inspiration from.

1. Use vintage pieces

Family beach houses tend to be passed down from generation to generation, which is why most tend to have a distinct, retro feel. You can try capturing that feeling in your home by including vintage decorative pieces.

Consider using a four-poster bed in your main bedroom to make you feel like you're in a well-treasured vacation home by the shore. Hang polaroid photos on the wall of your family playing frisbee by the beach. Use blue-and-white ceramic vases as a way to add color around the house.

Four Poster Bed

2. Try copper

Architects know copper is an excellent material for beach houses because it doesn't rust, is low-maintenance, and can be easily soldered together if it suffers any damage. Speak with your interior designer about possibly using copper materials for your external lighting, hardware, and fixtures.

The rugged, worn look of copper also helps give your home the effect that it's been around long enough to have seen fond memories being created.

3. Put rugs on rugs

A rug can help give open spaces in your home a little more character. Try using rugs made with natural fibers such as jute to add more earthy tones to your home. Additionally, you can place a

smaller, antique carpet over it to create an attractive contrast. The vintage designs can play off well from the soft, brown look of the natural-fiber rug beneath.

If you're shopping for rugs to pair together, make sure the smaller rug is about a foot smaller on all sides. That way, the contrast is more visible. Alternatively, you can buy different colored rugs to use as a top layer to easily change up your home's atmosphere when you feel like it.

Layered Rugs

4. Stick to soft hues

Homes rocking a coastal design usually move away from loud and bright colors. That doesn't mean they use dull and lifeless colors, either. You can add subtle brightness and vibrancy to your walls using Pantone colors. These are labeled neutrals and are intended to match the colors you usually see on the shore, such as from seashells, dune grass, and sunsets.

You can use these colors as the foundation of your design—buying furniture all in a neutral green, for instance—or as an accent in the form of throw pillows or blankets.

Coastal Bedding

Wrapping Up

The coastal design is timeless. It also doesn't have to be as complicated as you may think.

You can come home to the beach daily with a few home décor changes, such as using vintage pieces and copper material, layering your rugs, and sticking to Pantone colors. With these few adjustments, you'll experience the unmatched comfort of the beach, especially after a long and tiring day of work.

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