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Celebrate Spring With Our Favorite Patio Trends of 2022

May 11, 2022by Guest Blogger

With the final days of winter on the horizon, it's time to start thinking about sprucing up your patio for the spring. Before you know it, the weather will be warmer and you'll finally be able to crawl out from hibernation.

Over the past couple of years, investments in outdoor projects have skyrocketed. About 57% of homeowners revamped their outdoor living spaces in 2020, increasing six percentage points from 2018.

Backyard Dining Area

Now is the perfect time to start planning a minor revival for your patio or deck or design a major renovation. Here are some of our favorite springtime patio trends of 2022.

1.  Calming Atmosphere

Your patio should be an oasis for you to spend time with friends and family or offer a relaxing spot to read a good book. Maybe you're the type of person who likes to sit and enjoy the sounds of nature in your backyard.

To capture the utmost calming atmosphere, stick to simplicity when redesigning your patio. For example, bulky furniture is now a thing of the past. Instead, opt for something sleeker that delivers unobstructed views of your surroundings.

A deck with a view

Consider incorporating lighter wood finishes, metals, and whitewashed or gray-tinted deck stains, or even dressing the space with tealight candles for evening gatherings. You could add pops of color with outdoor pillows and cushions, but a neutral palette and natural elements will enhance the space beautifully.

According to color psychology, white exudes a sense of cleanliness, freshness and a clean slate. It's also an essential color in the Chinese practice of feng shui. In feng shui, white is usually paired with metal, wood and glass, as well as a small amount of black for balance. This will deliver an organic aesthetic to your outdoor living area.

2.  Modular Furniture

Consider adding modular furniture to your patio area if you have the room. It has grown in popularity for its style, functionality, comfort and versatility.

Homeowners who pride themselves on hosting lots of guests during the warmer months will appreciate the ample seating modular furniture offers.

Modular sectionals can be reconfigured however you like to switch up your patio layout. They also come in wood, rattan and wicker to enhance the organic, natural-looking aesthetic you're going for.

However, a sectional isn't the only look you can create with your modular furniture. Every element of the set can be paired with each other, so there are countless layout options. It's also ideal for fitting furniture into small and awkward spaces seamlessly.

large outdoor kitchen

3.  Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

Firing up the grill is a favorite spring and summer pastime for generations young and old. This year, a trendy outdoor upgrade for your patio is installing a kitchen or bar area.

In 2022, 18% of homeowners opened their kitchens to the home's exterior for continuity, usually with sliding doors, a pass-through or an open-air setup. The number of homeowners looking to bring the outdoors in dropped from 2021, but it remains a popular remodeling project.

Adding a kitchen to your patio carries interior functionality to your outdoor living space. Cooktops, grills and wood-fired pizza ovens are all options you can think about including in your patio redesign. Who needs a standard grill when you have a full-sized kitchen workspace to play with? You'll certainly impress your guests with your culinary skills. 

An outdoor bar area is another practical patio feature for entertaining your guests with a good drink at your next get-together. Outdoor bars deliver convenience and fun in one spot, whether you stick with a no-frills setup or opt for something a bit more ornate.

Think about adding a wine cooler or mini-fridge to keep your drinks cold. Use bar carts with rolling racks and removable trays to carry and serve your famous cocktails.

Sitting around a fire pit

4.  Fire Pit Features

Do you ever wish you could stay outside longer when the temperatures dip at night? A fire pit can create a cozy atmosphere for those cooler evenings in the spring and summer.

There are several options for installing a fire pit on your patio. You can choose from wood-burning, natural gas, propane or gel fuel fire pits. Each delivers a homey, crackling flame to warm you and your loved ones.

You might opt for a tabletop fireplace or fire table instead. Fire tables are convenient and provide the warmth you're seeking and a place to drink and eat. Many have a propane tank underneath that's hidden from view. When you're not using the fire feature, a lid offers protection and transforms the piece of furniture into a full cocktail table.

Other options may include a chiminea or traditional bonfire. If you're willing to spend some money, you could also install a stunning outdoor fireplace as the focal point of your patio design.

Outdoor Patio

5.  Enhanced Privacy

According to a recent survey conducted by, about 69.7% of homeowners prefer a large backyard to a large front yard. In fact, 76.7% of buyers are likely to pass on a home without a backyard.

However, privacy matters to homeowners, as well. Peeping neighbors will probably make your soak in the hot tub less than pleasant. You also wouldn't want private conversations overheard by others nearby.

As you redesign your patio area for spring, think of different ways you can enhance your privacy and make your outdoor living area a bit more secluded. You could include one or more of the following:

  • Privacy fence
  • Pergola
  • Landscaping, such as taller bushes, flowers and trees
  • Folding outdoor partition
  • Vertical gardens
  • A water fountain for white noise

Landscaping offers ample opportunities for creating a more secluded backyard oasis. Just be sure to purchase native plants suitable for your local climate conditions. Native gardening ensures your plants adapt well and thrive, creating stunning habitats for backyard wildlife and improving the local environment.

Create the Patio of Your Dreams This Spring

Find inspiration from this spring's best patio trends to create the perfect outdoor living space. Imagine your backyard in full bloom with a grand entertainment area and comfortable, clean furniture to rest and relax on. Your guests will love spending time with you in your new setup, but most importantly, it'll be a fantastic retreat just for you.

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