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7 Decor Ideas to Enhance Your Exterior House Look for an Inviting First Impression

Aug 2, 2023by Guest Blogger

Does your yard or porch give your guest an inviting first impression? Is there a hello sign or a basket of fresh flowers welcoming your guests into your home? Do your guests feel eager to get into your home each time they visit?

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First impressions matter. Your home’s outdoor spaces can make a positive or negative first impression. Your guests can tell what to expect once they get into your home by looking at your exterior spaces. They can also tell whether you’re a hospitable person. Your guests will know whether you routinely maintain your home. Your front door, siding, the painting on the exterior walls, or the yard should always express love, maintenance, and pride.

You can easily add a welcoming and warm vibe to your home’s exteriors. Read on for decor ideas that can help boost your exterior and give an inviting first impression.

Spruce the Front Door

front porch flowers

The front door opens up the portal to your home’s interior spaces. Therefore, let it give your guests the eagerness to see what’s inside. Dress it up with fresh paint. Let it be a portal of energy by adding an orange color to your front door. An orange door gives your outdoor spaces a splash of vigor and the freshness it deserves.

Since you’re refreshing your front door, install new hardware on your door. Go for unique hardware. You can get such hardware at an antique shop.
Also, declutter, clean, and accessorize it with a door mat, a fresh basket of flowers, or a Hello sign on the door.

Potted Plants

flower pots

Add a bright potted plant on your porch or beside the front door. Eye-catching pots make your exteriors attractive and inviting. Let the planter complement your home’s architecture, draw your guests’ eyes to your landscaping, and make your plant elegantly glide and shine as the winds blow.

Think about warm and energetic hues as you pick your pots. The warm hues will stand firm against the elements.

Illuminate It

house lighting

Think safety and curb appeal as you pick lighting pieces for your outdoor spaces. Illuminate these outdoors with style and charm. Use lanterns. They’re stylish and classic. It will enhance your house’s exterior while adding an inviting demeanor to the space. You can hang them or place them on the floor. They will act as sophisticated decor pieces during the day and night and also make mobility easier during the night or the winter season.

You can also layer the lanterns with a string of lights or flameless candles. The flameless candles will add a romantic glow to your exteriors.

Touch Up the Sidings

house exterior

You’ll need to refresh fading sidings or completely install new siding. New siding will give your exteriors an instant boost. Think of using a new design, a different material, or a texture. You have so many styles and designs to choose from when re-siding your exterior walls. You can use multiple textures to add visual interest to your home’s exterior. 

Remember, installing new siding to your home’s exterior walls is a costly and long-term commitment. It’s a challenging and intense process. Therefore, let professionals handle that. Think of consulting a siding contractor in your area. Siding contractors in Kansas City are skilled and will help you get a design that complements your home’s architecture.

Lawn Care

front lawn

Pull weeds, remove distracting or unwanted ornaments, and give your lawn some fertilization treatment to maintain a green and lush lawn. Most homeowners often ignore the importance of putting their lawn through weed control or fertilization treatment.

A Comfy Porch or Patio

home patio

Make the porch or patio as cozy as you can. Add all-weather furniture and lay a couple of rugs to give a room feel. All-weather furniture will last long and endure severe weather. Cozy it up with vibrant throws and pillows. You can also install comfy porch swings.   

A Path Leading to Your Home

home walkway path

You need a clear walkway to your front door. The pathway boosts the landscape, safety, and curb appeal. You should have a clear path from the house to the gate or the patio. Use durable materials such as stone to create the walkway. Take hints from your exterior walls as you pick the stone design or color.

Last Thoughts

Don’t ignore your exterior spaces. They count and create an impression of what your guest should expect when they get into your home or your personality as the host. Whether it’s a recent move-in, newly bought, or intended to spruce your existing home’s exterior, these ideas will add charm, warmth, and style to your outdoor spaces. These decor ideas will also help you upgrade your property and increase its market value.

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Guest Blogger Summer Wilde

Summer Wilde is a young interior designer with a specialization in space planning. She works with a local remodeling company in Sacramento. However, she isn’t just passionate about helping families live in their dream houses only by the means of her job. She also likes to guide others through this journey by sharing her tips and suggestions via guest posting on blogs from time to time.

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