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6 Best Child-Friendly Bedroom Ideas

Apr 20, 2022by Guest Blogger

How do you create an excellent experience for your little ones at night? In the old days, bedrooms were usually spare and utilitarian designs. People didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about how to create a space that made a child feel good and enhance his or her quality of life. It was basically a bed, a dresser, etc.

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But nowadays, parents like to think about creating a deliberate sense of comfort and familiarity in a child's bedroom. If you're looking for some of the best ideas abounding on the Internet, here are some that we found to be very useful in making a child's bedroom the best it can be.

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1. A Custom Bed

One common addition in a child's bedroom is a unique bed design. There's the racecar bed so often shown in retro film and television, but there's also the bunk bed, which is great for more than one sleeper, and a canopy or fourposter bed for a princess design or a historic theme.

You'll also want to think about mattresses — look at mattress dimensions for younger and smaller sleepers, as well as whether your child would prefer a plus or firm mattress, and whether new mattress technology gives you a better choice for your child's bedroom. New latex designs can support the body well — and good cotton or other quilting gives your child a better rest.

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2. Themed Bedrooms

This is an obvious one that parents very often add to a child's bedroom design. There are so many child-themed franchises now in the movies and in accompanying merchandise that it's almost hard to pick. Does your child prefer Toy Story or Cars? Frozen or various Disney themes? What about sports?

Any of these can be a useful theme for a kid’s bedroom. You can usually find the kinds of accents and accessories you need fairly cheaply, and it's a great way to make a room more welcoming for a young person who likes some particular movie or TV characters and stories. There's also Thomas the Tank Engine, Harry Potter, and other favorites to gussy up a room for a child. A lot of these design choices spin off other ideas for accenting and renovating the bedroom itself. For instance, a Thomas the Tank Engine setup could involve rails, either painted on walls or installed in areas of the room. Superhero themes may include life-sized banners or cutouts, but it's important to think about what a child will like, and what may frighten them or make them uncomfortable.

With the right thoughtfulness, these themes will help your child to feel better about sleeping in his or her room.

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3. Bright Colors and Accents

Another thing that you'll commonly find in a child's bedroom space is the kinds of bright colors that pop and inspire us in positive ways! A bright yellow, an airy blue or a bold red are three primary color choices, and there's a lot more to choose from beyond that, colors that spin a web and brighten a room with their vibrant glory.

Check out some of these designs for a bold new color experience, and think about how to make a cohesive look for your child’s room. In addition to the colors, think about the patterns and designs that will delight your child's mind. Aesthetic design is something that can stimulate a child's imagination in some very positive ways!

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4. Bookshelves, Etc.

Some parents also cater to a child’s hobbies and favorite pastimes when designing a bedroom space. That might mean setting up bookshelves with the child's favorite books or art materials. It might mean designating an area for sports memorabilia or accessories, or trophies.

Either way, this is another style option that can be attractive, and actually has the added value of making your child’s space more functional and preparing for how you will change the room as your child grows. In general, that's important to many parents when designing these spaces.

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5. Animals

Yes, some animal-themed installations can be great for a child's bedroom. Consider a giant plush giraffe or a friendly teddy bear, or some other inanimate furry friend. Go all out with elephant, llama or dinosaur themed bedding. Unlike real animals, they won't leave little presents all over the floor.

And there's just nothing like the power of animals to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's amazing how much kids bond to their favorite stuffed animals, and this can be part of a great positive bedroom remodel.

6. The Writing Wall

In the modern age, some parents have moved from scolding children for writing on traditional walls, to creating deliberate writing wall spaces with chalkboard paint or other methods. Allow your child to express themselves in a way that's facilitating their development and confidence! While it's important to plan for where the spaces are and explain the concept to your child, these areas for expression can be an important creative outlet.

Think about all of these child bedroom ideas as you plan for the place where your little one lays down his or her head.

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